questionshow do i prevent morning sore throat?


You might be sleeping with your mouth open. There are remedies for that such as chinstrap and even mouthwashes which lubricate the inside of your mouth so that it will not dry out which might help your throat. A sleep study could be in order, even if you do not snore.


It could also happen if you leave your fan on at night, or simply by the position you sleep in, as it may be causing some sinus drainage in your throat, resulting in the soreness.


I agree with the above posters, you are probably sleeping with your mouth open, at some point during the night, and if you have a fan it makes it worse. Try about a quarter teaspoon of any good tasting oil, like flax-seed. You can try it with whatever oil you have on hand, but taste a bit first, to make sure the taste is good, when taken straight. We found this as a treatment recommended for snoring, and it works great for that, but also has eliminated the sore throats my hubs was experiencing. It coats the throat and prevents it drying out.


Snoring is a major cause of sore throat in the morning. Even if you think you do not snore, many people do while in the deepest of sleep....lots of remedies if you Google it....No idea what might work.


could be acid reflux while you sleep.


I agree with @kamikazeken:
Test Try eating spicy food before you sleep.
Try not eating at all 4 hours before you sleep.
If it is reflux change your eating habits (time of day and types of food) or they have a pill for that. Tums and Rolaids will cause rebound reflux.
I am not a doctor and I have not researched any of my comments.


try something like pepcid AC or the generic version for about a week or 10 days, if sore throat goes away, problem solved.


You might also try using Breathe Right. If your nasal passages stay open, you may be less apt to sleep with your mouth open.


@pickypickypicky: Flax-seed oil helps with snoring? I'm curious but too lazy to look it up. Any links?


@jsimsace: I was skeptical too, but it works like a charm. It can be any edible oil, not just flax. It just coats the throat, and prevents it from drying out. The flax seed just tastes nicer. We tried this in desperation, after working our way through the more standard fixes, and it was cheap and we had it in the house, so we tried it. Nasal strips helped me, but the adhesive caused him discomfort, this is a much better solution. I'll see if I can find the link, but it is not as a supplement, per se, but as a physical barrier.


@jsimsace: Here is a link, I couldn't find the original one but it was pretty much the same.
I had forgotten that the original article I saw suggested olive oil, as this one does, but we found it was too strongly flavored to take straight. Since the effect is achieved by an oily coating on the throat, rather then as a supplement, I surmised that another edible oil would work as well, and it has. We tried a few different ones and ended up with flax seed.

Cheap, safe, and easy enough to try.


It could also be sleep apnea, even if you don't snore (unless your wife has stayed awake to monitor you all night, or she is an extremely light sleeper, you really can't trust her opinion of you snoring).

If it tends to happen more when you use alcohol within about four to six hours of going to bed, it could be apnea.

As @kamikazeken suggests, it could also be acid reflux (my sister suffered from this).


How about a cool mist humidifier near the bed?


@bnbsouthworth: yup, i agree. cool mist humidifier, try to get one without the filter so you dont need to put new filters in!


I don't smoke. Maybe I do snore but my wife is a pretty light sleeper. I have to have background noise to sleep so I always have a fan going full blast 10-15 ft away from our bed. Could possibly be sleep apnea. I usually get 8-9 hours of sleep a night but ALWAYS feel extremely tired when it is time to wake up and for the first 2-4 hours of the day.



If you get more sleep, say 10-12 hours, do you feel more rested or about the same (or worse)? If you feel just as tired or worse, then it could very well be apnea.

I once read that about 5% of people with untreated apnea die each year. My cardiologist and pulmonologist both believe that my heart problems were aggravated and possibly caused by years of untreated apnea.

Also, once I started using a CPAP machine, I felt so much better that I was like a new person.