questionswhy was i taxed on my wine purchase from an out…


my best guess is that it's due to the wine seller's tax policies. i checked the wine.woot FAQ and was only able to come up with this:

"I noticed a sales tax charge at checkout - where does that come from?

The wine deals featured on Wine.Woot come direct from the wineries. Each of these wineries has its own web of licensing obligations, tax policies, and local laws to deal with. So Wine.Woot calculates sales taxes on the wineries' behalf in accordance with their instructions. These instructions vary depending on the tax laws in each state."


Restructuring behind the scenes. We're not sure what happened exactly. We do know that the prices are being adjusted accordingly. For example, a $60 offer was recently sold at $5 less than what it sold for a few months ago (identical offer).


In order to sell wine each winery needs a license to sell in each state. In nearly all cases holding the license requires the seller to collect and remit state sales taxes. Kind of sucks, but there it is.


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@dmmutti: this kind of seems like a pot/kettle thing.


It's a "sin" tax, therefore the state makes money and you can't complain.
Like buying smokes, you're gonna pay tax.
BTW, look up "Whiskey Rebellion". Just in case.

BTW2, taxes are what brought down Al Capone.

IF you goto an alternative energy conflag, AND you have any kind of DIY fuel stickers or info on the vehicle, BE prepared to get your tank sticked. Whether or not you buy from a big brand station or make your own from doggy doodoo, you still owe the state $$ in tax per mile. This is a big ticket item.


Check out the FAQ for the most up-to-date information.on the changes to Wine checkout that started Feb 22, 2012.

There was also some discussion of it the wine thread for that day:


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