questionshow many black triangles are left who have never…


Even with as many Black Triangles as we're up to now...being able to get there without using votes is pretty impressive :)

And I doubt it notifies you when your name is in a question so: @moosezilla


@drchops: Her. Got her first. Just so you know for the future. In the older system, theflounder had a black triangle, but I don't use it anywhere near as often as I did.

In addition, they changed the system recently, and being "mentioned" in a question accomplishes the same as in a comment. Goodness, I'm just full of helpful information...or something.


@drchops: You should take something for that cough. I'm sure @cowboydann picked something up in the last woot off.

Congrats on your first woot @moosezilla. You never forget your first.

Mine was...I forgot. Give me a minute.

Edit: A swatch paparazzi for my wife.


@okham: heh I think it was 19 or 20 items, but most of them were low dollar garbage or things I thought I could peddle to co-workers :P


My square is back to 1 woot but I'm really around 218. Woot has so much of my money.


in the old system I actually never new deals.woot! exsisted and my score was 99/100. I started posting here about a year ago and I've seen my score go up and down, but I've never lost my black triangle.


@gideonfrost: You show up as a black square to me.


wow. a question because of me. i think i'm flattered. @shrdlu: thanks for defending my gender. i may not be the girliest, but i am still a female.


@cowboydann: I like my coworkers, but I only buy them chocolate to keep them happily sugared. Clearly I need to rethink my strategy...bonus is upping my woot count.


@okham: ped·dle/ˈpedl/
Try to sell (something, esp. small goods) by going from house to house or place to place.

Although some of the filtered water bottles and such I have given away for free... Monkeys are always great for buttering up co-workers though...

Edit: Didn't want to seem rude. I just wanted to make sure you realized while I am a little generous, I'm not crazy generous.


@cowboydann: I picked it as slang. And here I was thinking of coming to work with you. Guess I'll have to stick with my chocolate snacking coworkers.


@okham: Gotcha! I still try to be extremely courteous to everyone I meet, so maybe you'll still wanna work with me. Perks include random freebies on occasion including but not limited to: breakfast, sodas, cookies, and the occasional random woot stuffs


I have 157 woots.. but just recently became black in the triangle department...

Feels nice to be in the company of such fine folk!


@cowboydann: All sounds good. I would guess that the commute would kill me though. All the gas money would keep me from being able to increase my lowly number of woots.


@shrdlu: You are a veritable cornucopia of Dealswoot knowledge :)

You know what's funny.. as I was typing the question I thought "wait, is @moosezilla a 'her?'" So I meant to take any kind of "gender classification" out of the question.
For some reason, most people seem to err on the side of male though, if they don't know someones gender.. maybe it's because of our tender egos - if you call a girl "him," it's just a mistake - but if you call a guy "her," it'll cause him to call his whole sexuality into question, with looming possible psychological trauma :)

@moosezilla: You're girlie enough that I thought twice when I typed "Mr." heh (and obviously it got deleted from the post).. so that's something :D


@drchops: no offense taken. i worked retail long enough i have a thick skin. i have my hair loose (butt length) and i'm wearing a taylor fitted outfit and the customer comes up to me "sir..." i get upset.


Wow. That's actually pretty impressive.


Actually I just did that to make you get another email because of this thread, but now that I've got you here- how'd you do it without being able to vote?


@gideonfrost: Lemme guess ... they're mostly shirts. And I'm sure you can guess what a majority of my Woots are too. ^_^


@narfcake: Yes but I lied I'm actually at 225 woots now. Mr Beer is on the way!


@gideonfrost: I have 205 woots now :D I consider myself 1 woot-off away from catching up to you Gideon!

(for the record 23 came from shirt.woot, and about 17 of them were shirts from reckonings and bought on day 1... the rest were oddball woot items like Xmas/athletic/valentines woots.


@cowboydann: I'm sure you will. I haven't been buying as much from Woot lately. I find that the Impulse buys I make end up sitting and collecting dust. it's a good thing I went in for that Mr Beer. (I'm not a beer drinker at all!)


That's very impressive. But does that mean she's actually here for the company? ;)


@okham: the swatch paparazzi watch was also my first Woot - actually my second, but first under this account. My very first Woot was a Roomba, of course!


Still purple.. My coolness gauges are low for community participation. I just find it hard to vote for stupid questions. I thought they were only meant for deal questions not for what color your knickers are.
Guess I'll live in purple land :)


I had purchased an item on Woot previous to using Deals.woot, so not a chance for me. Though it only took 1 good item post and 1 question for me to get a black triangle back in the day.