questionsis the ability to search deals really broken?


A lot of people (over)rely on deja vu to catch duplicates. When they say that the search didn't work, I think they mean that deja vu didn't alert them to a duplicate. And not that they did an actual word search and failed to turn something up.


I have never noticed a problem finding a duplicate. I have accidentally duplicated deals before, but that was just my carelessness in not checking far enough back. People just want an excuse so they can act like they didn't make a mistake.

Also, I really wanted to make a duplicate of this question just for laughs..


@heymo: The problem I have with search, and what I think trips a lot of people up, is that it's defaulted to "find exact matches" instead of partial matches. So folks will search and nothing will pop up.

Although the other day I just did a one word search for an item that should've popped up. Just searching "kingston" for kingston 16 gig card that was up on Amazon didn't pop anything up, but it ended up being a dupe.


Thanks for the replies so far, they pretty much confirm my suspicions.

If anyone was running Chrome and wanted an example of an extension that could assist in deal/duplicate hunting here goes: ( @tygerdave could always write a greasemonkey script to do the same thing better please?)
I use Context Search - Version: 0.9, I remove the generic search google/search wiki and replace with So all you have to do is highlight the terms you want to search (any page-any where), when highlighted you will see a little blue expansion toggle. Click that and click deals.woot, a new tab will open with your results.


No, people just don't refine their tabs clearly enough.
If your posting a movie, use tags like: movies, blu ray, dvd
Games: videogames, xbox, ps3, pc, ds, wii.

Try to break down the basic of your item to help with the searches


@wickedd365: and try to include brand name if you can.


@wickedd365 @bonoman: my tags are always stripped and i'm left with stuff like "clothing" depending on the mod. and brand names are always taken off from tags

i think because the default sort order for results is by "best match" instead of "most recent", sometimes the strongest match is from a year ago and the deal posted a few minutes before is hidden several pages in.
i don't know if deals.woot search is broken, but when i use it and sort by "most recent" i find if mine is a dupe. usually using the 1 or 2 specific but common words to describe the item


@xarous: probably outside my current ability there, however I can change the Community Deals link to say 'Zombies, Crabs, and Bacon' if you'd like.


@tygerdave: I would like that, wouldn't everyone?

In the end I would like a script that would allow highlighted text to be right-clicked (like the search google for "blah blah blah") it would have, "search"


@xarous: that would be really useful IMO. not like yahoo does when you happen to click and it pops up that annoying box. but the right-click menu option of searching deals.woot


@w00tgurl: Ah that makes more sense. I always immediately hit "most recent" after doing my searches and still wonder why I miss some from time to time.

So why does Woot not search by words in deal titles and only rely on description tags? It's probably a "lower the load on servers" issue, but it'd be cool to get an official answer.


@bonoman: the search function does use words in the title, the deja-vu system looks for the exact auto-generated title, I believe.

Deja Vu:

another possible link:

Even though most of these are over a year old, so I wonder what changes on their end have been made and if it makes a difference now.


@xarous: Yeah I know what the Deja Vu does, but if Search actually uses words in the deal title and not just the description tags, then it has blatantly missed several deals I've searched for over the past couple of weeks.


@bonoman: When I use my extension most of the time I just highlight most of the pertinent title and get the correct results back.


I just wanted to say that, yes, I have noticed a problem with the search. Sometimes it takes two or three different variations on a search to find what you are looking for. I originally thought it might be browser related but I have had the same results with Chrome, Firefox, and IE on two different computers.


I search only by brand name and model, very seldom adding any other key words, and I've never had a duplicate posting. Perhaps I've just been lucky.