questionswhere is your favorite place to buy computer…


They have great deals, excellent customer service, and 3-day shipping is either free or $0.99!


Newegg would be my first choice. I normally price compare with Amazon but only items directly sold by

Otherwise, if none of the above have the item I'm looking for I'll check Tigerdirect and a few others.

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You can also use to view past pricing. is good too, and shows Amazon's past pricing.


What a silly question ;)


Tiger Direct!
Nah, just kidding, NewEgg.

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I buy the majority of my components from Newegg but have also used Amazon and Tiger Direct.


Radio Shack! Where else does one get parts for a Tandy?


Only use Microcenter if you don't need any help whatsoever. I won't shop there anymore. It was difficult to find anything as it wasn't necessarily in a logical location and it was difficult-to-impossible to track anyone down to ask where things were. They are getting as good at hiding as the guys at Home Depot and Best Buy.

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As others have said, usually

I will shop at MicroCenter, but I usually order online, and just go and pick it up. Convenient if I need something today, rather than in two days.

Sometimes Amazon, sometimes e-bay. Depends on the component, its intended use, etc.

Assuming your NAS drive is no longer under warranty? If you need to exactly match a certain drive, you may need to try all of the above!


Sorry to sound like a broken record, but


I feel it's necessary to offer up my own (highly original) answer to your question.

New Egg


NewEgg. Just don't buy any of that Rosewill crap they sell.


Yeah, like everyone else, if I'm going to get it online, then I'm getting it on newegg. But if I'm getting stuff--anything I don't feel comfortable being shipped to me or not seeing in person first--at a good ol' B&M? Then I'm going to Microcenter. I've got a great big one here in Chicago, and everyone there's always been great about helping me with whatever I need. They also price-match newegg and amazon, so if I want/need something immediately, I pop on over with my info and smartphone ready.


@bigelowb: Rosewill doesn't make anything. Everything of theirs is rebranded, so look to the actual manufacturer.

RK-9000? Just a Filco for a lower price.
Tachyon PSUs? Extremely good value Seasonics.


Didn't see anyone mention it, but MicroCenter is pretty awesome, as is Fry's. They are very similar stores, even the layout is similar inside, but apparently there is no relation.

Anyway, they both have websites you can order from which generally ship items anywhere (some items are only in stores I think though).

As far as price, they are generally very reliably cheap without being low quality (depending what you buy since they carry tons of stuff).

I built my entire current PC from MicroCenter (minus the case and power supply). I even got an i7 2600K processor for $250 in July 2011. To give you an idea of the potential deals, that exact same processor I cannot find right now for less than $290 TODAY. No components have failed including an SSD.

Plus if you have one near you, you have the benefit of no shipping and faster, and more personal, service.


@bigelowb: I agree. With me, it's earned the nickname Goodwill. Cause that's all the parts are good for before long.


Newegg for computer parts.
Newegg, Monoprice, or occasionally Amazon for the accessories. If Monoprice carries something, they're usually the best deal. They're mostly where I get my cables, but they have KVM switches, adapters, and other things too - all of them high quality and dirt cheap.


Why not just get an Apple ? {Ducks and Runs}


@j5: Right. Unfortunately, it seems to have gone over some people's heads.


Fry's Electronics...I used to favor newegg but being able to walk into a B&M store with a good selection and walk out with my selections is great.

Their retail stores also match prices, even for internet retailers. They'll match all the big names (I guess authorized sellers): newegg, amazon, tigerdirect...probably others as well.

The only drawback is that I have to pay sales tax (even for online Fry's orders) because they have B&M presence in Atlanta.