questionsis there a world surplus of lock-and-lockā€¦


Maybe so. I've noticed them showing up here and there lately.


The patent is up, would be my guess. For a very long time, they were the ONLY thing on the market like it. Now there are any number of similar (and I mean REALLY SIMILAR) products out there. I bought a set when they first hit Woot, even though I only wanted the big containers, because the full set was cheaper on Woot than any single container would have been in the store.

Now they're cheaper in the stores too (although Woot's prices are still better than anything in any of the brick and mortar places).

I like them bunches. I'm going to sell off all the little ones for 25 cents per each next time my neighbor has a garage sale. My guess is that beaders and other crafty types will love them.


How can Tupperware keep their million dollar patented seal for so long then? :D


@devexityspace: There are a dozen different tupperware-like items out there. Personally, I never liked it, and am amused now to see the early stuff sold as a collectible item. I just saw a large collection at the last antique and collectible show I attended.

Remember that much of the attraction for that was originally social, much like Mary Kay or Avon cosmetics.

My preference for most storage is the Pyrex that comes with lids. The lock and lock stuff is pretty good for some items, though (I keep the every so tasty "Texmati" rice in one).