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The wonders of mass production.


It is very unlikely that your delicious wine will be contaminated by the glass in any way. I'd say that the chance is much larger that you would injure yourself by accidentally exploding the glass itself in your super human grip than anything else.

Check for a seam between the stem and cup portion. There likely is one, which means that two different glass pieces were blown and then crammed together like Legos. It's much cheaper to do this than to create one piece.


Stores like dollar tree and big lots also acquire items for pennies on the dollar as surplus... A shipping container with thousands of glasses that was never claimed, stock from a warehouse that went out of business, etc.

Although, I do wonder about some of the no-name glassware I've seen there... who knows what Chinese toxins may poison you if you buy these wine glasses....


I have a HUGE glass mug I bought from there like 5 years ago. I'm still alive and it's still in tact.. good glassware.

Yeah, it's pretty damn amazing what you can get for a dollar.. I was marveling at that myself the other day. All of the sections: Electronics, house-ware, health section.. Generic Advil, diphenhydramine (Benadryl), Hydrocortizone, Tinactin, Lotramin, etc.. HOME DRUG TESTS! Stuff that cost $10 elsewhere. Granted, some of the generics can be hard on the tummy.

The problem with The Dollar Tree is it adds up so fast.. I'll go in for some cotton balls or some Benadryl and end up walking out of there with like $25 worth of crap.. I have more clip on lights than I can count.


My wife frequents the Dollar Tree for a lot of her home craft stuff. I refused to go there, convinced everything was just a rip-off until one day I stopped in with her to grab some stuff for a party. Once I got around all of the homeless folks and muggers I actually found some things of value, the same stuff they'd sell at Target for $5-10 was only a dollar. While there is a lot of blatant rip-off plastic crap there, you can still find good deals every now and then.


there are no limits to the size of wine glasses in China


@stark: It looks like one piece, I remembered to look at the bottom for a stamp, there was none, but there may have been a seam there to make the bottom solid. Thanks for your input this was a 2nd concern I had. But I agree with @drchops: the meds are in smaller packages, and I have not done comparison shopping because my closest dollar tree is 70 miles. I have actually seen some pretty upscale people (I assume craft people) in the few times I have visited, some definitely dressed better then the normal Walmart crowd.

Just imagine the glass was made, packaged, shipped, trucked, unpacked, placed on a shelf, sat on that shelf taking up space that cost money every second it sits there, and sold by an employee using a check out system, all for a dollar.


I'd just wash it out before you use it. Glass can really vary in quality. This doesn't necessarily make it any more dangerous to drink from cheap glass compared to expensive glass, but the cheaper glass will probably have more imperfections (such as air bubbles) and might be easier to break, but would more than likely work just as well.

I've gotten most of my drink ware from TJ Maxx. While it's not as cheap as a dollar store, four tumblers for $5.99 is a hell of a deal, and that glass is quality. Clearly it had some imperfection that brought it to TJ Maxx instead of whatever other retailer would be used, but sometimes those extremely minor imperfections can save you a ton of money. I'd bet that Dollar Tree has a similar deal and buys things that just missed passing QC/ are surplus/ are out of season or whatever.


Similarly, I once bought a one pound bag of Teddy Grahams knockoffs from India (I didn't realize they were knockoffs until after I bought them). They were $1. I thought about it and I couldn't believe that something that weighs one pound and came from India could possibly be sold for $1. I figured the freight alone would be that much. Even though they were cheaply made, between the cost of manufacturing, shipping, storage in the US grocery store, the costs of the employees to stock them and check out, it is amazing that they could be only $1.


Dollar Tree is a great place to buy gift wrap, gift bags, etc. Back in the days when I was making peach brandy, I found some lovely stoppered glass bottles that I used to bottle the stuff for gifts. Folks thought I'd spent a fortune.

Which reminds me, ummmmmm peach brandy!


@benyust2: and....... You left out the most important part, how did they taste?


@jimmyd103: They were edible. It wasn't until I ate the first one that I realized they weren't actually official Teddy Grahams. After eating one, I looked at the package and only then realized they were knock-offs. I did eat the whole bag but decided not to get more next time I went to that store.


Dollar stores are amazing for many things. I'll sometimes go have a "spending spree" and walk out with a shopping cart full of stuff for just one or two yuppie food coupons. (Twenty dollar bills)

But I've learned to be VERY careful about food there - both prepackaged stuff like candy or canned food and fresh stuff like produce. It can be pretty scary. I learned this lesson by biting into an EXTREMELY expired piece of candy without noticing the expiration date on the package and getting a mouth full of tiny little bugs. Part of my soul died that day.

I've also seen some very questionable meat and produce there. My #1 rule for any dollar store: If it's supposed to go inside my body, it stays outside my shopping cart.

But they're great for craft items and such.


Chick-a-dee China, the Chinese....everything.

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@benyust2: you would be surprised just how negligible the shipping costs actually are.
with modern containerized shipping, and the MASSIVE number of containers per ship, you likely spent more in fuel costs driving those Grahams home, than it cost to ship them from India to your local dollar store.
sad, but true.


I've bought some things from the dollar store before, including a few of those clip-on lights (they work great attached to the bathroom medicine cabinet door when the power is out), but with both the dollar store and Big Lots, I avoid buying any food products. The chances of it being past its prime is just too great. But if you need random plastic crap, or disposable towels, and whatnot? No problem.


@caffeine_dude: Yeah, if you get the name brand stuff it will typically balance out to costing about the same I think.. but if you don't mind gutting the generic stuff you can do pretty well. I actually just picked up a bottle of like 300ct/325mg aspirin, 40ct/200mg Ibuprofen and 36ct/25mg Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) just to throw in my first aid/emergency kit.. along with a few creams and other things. Great place for putting together a surprisingly comprehensive First Aid Kit. And my local place just renovated and bought the adjacent store.. tripled in size. Now it's like a small, cheap KMart heh.. They even have a Great frozen food/refrigeration section..

I'm going to go ahead and make this as obnoxious as possible so people will see it:





Thanks to some of the early replies I came back (we were in the area) and finished out my set of wine glasses (I only bought 1 the first time thinking it would break the same day) and 2 beer mugs (root beer in our house). And junk things I just could not pass up for only 1 dollar.

I wish I read @djp519: reply before I went, I picked the led clip lights up a few times, but kept asking do I really need this, and will it last, and left them in the end.


@belyndag: which prompts me to ask - RECIPE PLEASE!!


The glass mugs we got held 24 oz. The Dollar tree we visited this time did have the lower level clientele mentioned above. Wedding planners should use this store, unless the stuff they have there is out of style and that is why it is there.


@mkdr: I keep trying to respond and things keep going awry. Argh!

I got the Peach Brandy recipe from an uber-Cajun lady many years ago. She didn't tell me measured portions of ingredients, just explained how to make it with hand gestures. Seriously! "Get a jug about THIS big.... Add about THIS much sugar..... Use about THIS many peaches...." LOL! I tried explaining it to my late FIL (also Cajun) and he could never get it right. When peaches are back in season I will have to make some more and actually try MEASURING it this time so I can write it down.