questionscan anyone help me find a tens unit shoulder wrap…


Something like this?:

They also have just wraps, which may be what you want.. something you can place the pads on your own (w/ double sided tape, etc)

Heh, actually.. the first thing that comes to mind are those "Sixpack Abs Without Exercise" units.. Think they're pretty cheap now too :)
BTW: If you haven't already bought one, don't like the MD's push a $500 unit on you if they try.. you can pick a perfectly good TENS unit up for nothing nowdays.

[edit] And just to double check, you're looking for something that'd fit around your shoulder/under-arm? Or something that will fit around your whole back?


Somehow this doesn't sound right... Intended use for TENS is (or was) post surgical pain control.. It didn't work for long term applications since over time you would get used to it and need to keep turning it up.. Sounds like treatment of the symptoms rather than fixing the actual source of the problem IMHO.


Maybe a compression shirt that you could attach the electrodes to.

Order it snug so it can hold the electrodes firm to your skin.