questionsis google music a good service?


I used the beta for a few months and it worked fine. The only thing is, I hardly ever thought to use it because I'm so accustomed to loading and listening to songs on my local hardware. Still, it's nice to know I have backups available if I should ever need them.


I've used it for a while now. My only issue with it was the Android app has a 1000 song limit on playlists, and there are no smart playlists like in itunes. I would love to have the opportunity to create playlists based on things like a genre keyword.


Very pleased with it so far, only started using it today though. It's free, so how can you go wrong?


So, it's all cloud based? This seems like a very nice feature. Do you guys know whether you can re-download from the cloud if you were to lose your hard drive?


I've been using it for months now (I got in on the early beta).

My assessment: it's about as good as Amazon Cloud Player. Maybe a little better, since it tags tracks for you instead of making you sort them into folders.

It holds 20,000 songs for free, which is nice.

In my opinion, the only feature it holds over the competition (since I don't have Android) is that there is a bunch of great free music on it. They release new tracks for free every day. They have some John Mayer, U2, Sara Bareilles, Blackalicious...just a track or two each, but worth checking out, since it's free. I'd keep it just for that.


@joshaw: There's an app you use to upload it to your computer and it will automatically upload files from there. I believe you could download it back down from their website, but I haven't tried it.


@joshaw: As far as I know you can't redownload your music. However you can download your music to android devices for offline listening, so maybe you could rescue your music that way?

@emerson42: while it's not as full featured as itunes(of course its a webplayer not a full media player), you can create instant mixes based on any song which is still pretty handy.

I personally love google music. I don't have enough storage on my phone right now to store all my music so this way I can still access my whole collection. Also with google music I am able to have my music synced to both my phone and my gf's phone(she was too lazy to set her own google music account up). When I'm at home I just use my own media player, but it's also great if I'm on a work or public computer.

The only issue is that it takes a long time to set up your library because you have to actually upload all your music unlike say spotify which just scans your music and then gets it from their servers(I think?)


My big question is whether it comes with the same security flaws and contract issues with record companies that plagued the Amazon Cloud. I haven't kept up on the issue (maybe it's not even an issue anymore) but also had deleted all my music off of Amazon and never put any of it back.

I buy most of my music off iTunes but let's be honest, I can't account for my whole collection going back 10 years. I don't want the cloud service caving at the knees if someone comes knocking and wants to snoop in everyone's files. That said, I'd still like to give google's version a shot after work this afternoon.


@meh3884: I believe that Google's trying to sidestep the issue by playing back the exact file that you upload. Apple fingerprints your music and tosses the original, so playback is from a master copy. With Google, you can upload any random audio file and it'll play it back to you as-is. By doing it like this, they never have to acknowledge that you OWN any specific music. They're just letting you download the same file that you uploaded.

I'm not sure what issues Amazon Player had, but perhaps this helps clear things up a little?


I like it. I was wanting a cloud storage type site for a backup in case my laptop crashes. Though i do most of my listening on local hardware and not so much streaming, I do like using it to listen to my library while at a school computer.


Well I used beta, like it, it did take a long time to upload 17k songs but that's understandable.
Can't use in on my work computer anymore, IT found out about the streaming music and shut it down.
And the app is a #very# large file on my phone, so I've deleted it more then once.

But I like the concept, and I am glad it quietly is syncing my new music in the background for when I actually need it :)
Pretty sure you can not easily re download it from the cloud, that's why I enjoy the Amazon one for now also.
Just having 2 clouds makes it not so easy.

Aaaaand, I had another "beta" Google product so I felt (past tense) special.


I used Google Music while it was in Beta, and it worked great as an overall player -- with Google even throwing free songs into the mix!

The only downside, as noted previously, is the inability to download your music! The Amazon Cloud player does allow for downloading, which is why I ultimately discontinued using Google Music. Has the downloading issue since been changed, now that Beta testing is over?


@spikedknight: Really? Why is the app so big? I haven't used it much yet but it appears to only 4.4MB for me?


@meh3884: I hate when I realize I am using wrong information. I agree, 4.8MB is the stated size on the market, chances are the music database is what cranked up my file size, sigh.
Well regardless, for my exact needs, I do not prefer Google Music on my phone, but enjoy it on my computers.