questionshas this been the best woot-off! in over a year?


@gideonfrost: Asked about the calendars on FB, was told they didn't have time to make them this year, so there will not be one. Shame, because this is what I use at my desk at work, and I got a lot of people into woot because they noticed that and my monkeys.


It was a pretty decent Woot Off. I picked up a handheld scanner, a collapsible tunnel for my kittah to frolic in. I really, really wanted another shot at the Boogie Boards but, alas, they were not offered. I love the one I picked up that I never knew I needed.

The beauty of Woot: Buying random crap and falling in love with it.


@propaneman: Not there. It has been absent at every woot event recently.


where was that bag of crap that everyone talks about


too little too late. stopped paying attention to those many moons ago


I bought a few things for the first time in a long time. Definitely one of the better Woot-offs.


No difference here. I usually miss all the others too.


It's definitely one of the best in quite awhile. I didn't buy anything, but there has been a nice combination of items, including some great cheapo (less than $5) deals.


@gideonfrost: Have not seen any W00T! calendars.

I was going to go to sleep. Now I'll have to stay up another 55 minutes thanks to you.

Damn you!

And yes, a good W00T!-OFF. I picked up a few things I didn't need.


I think I have missed almost every minute of this woot off. The only thing I'm curious about is woot calendars did I miss them?


It's a throwback to the old days, and I like it!