questionsis there such a thing as an outdoor projector?


Any projector can be an outdoor projector if it is encased in a weather protective housing. Perhaps there is a strategically placed window in the house you can project through. If you are building a pool house or shed, try to incorporate a projector window and shelf in the design. You could even build a box on wheels that could be pulled out and positioned as needed, If there is such a thing as a waterproof projector, it's going to cost more than it's worth and will everntually require replacement anyway.


I don't think the layout will be conducive to putting it in the house or shed.

Frankenstein-ing some parts together on wheels might work though. Good idea.


That would be pretty aw awesome !

You just added something to my list of things I want if I become stupid rich.
Go portable and keep it inside is my best advice.
What about a short throw rear projected projector?

I have very little experience with this stuff, good luck!


Yes, it's call the Drive In. Many states still have them


With regard to the roll-around box, I just had a couple of thoughts. First, there are enclosed rolling kitchen and garage units that could be easily modified to hold the projector inside.. Second would be a roll-around popcorn making cart with the projector underneath. Either would be suitable for indoor use as well.


The popcorn machine would be great just for the matched theme.

I've written off the projector idea for now. My goal was to project this from one end of a pool to the other, but the throw distance is so large (around 40' for a 28' pool, after you consider stairs & the screen setback). I'd need a really big screen, a really bright projector, and to only use it after 9:00pm all summer long.

For the number of times that it would actually be used, I'd be better off with rigging up a bed sheet and propping up a projector with whatever is handy.