questionsanyone else have an issue with the memory foam…


have you read thru the thread where you bought them from? there is a big discussion there about the horrible smell, and not getting the ordered pillow. also the lack of filling in the pillow is an issue.
might i suggest febreeze type substance?


@moosezilla: Good idea about the febreeze. I was about to say the same thing. Might want to try spraying them thoroughly with febreeze and tossing them into a dryer either on very low heat/no heat to tumble some fresh air into them.


@moosezilla: I read the thread but didn't see much in the way of actionable items. Seems mostly to be complaints about shipping times and being light on filling. Wish I could've read the complaints before I placed the order. I think I've got enough filling in mine, but I wasn't expecting them to be jam packed, they just smell terrible. I'll have to give the febreeze a shot I guess.

@lavikinga I'll definitely try the dryer trick. I thought about doing febreeze but then I thought that there's like a thousand surfaces in there since it's chopped and they're not all going to get product on them. I think there's probably a better chance getting tossed around in the dryer. Good thinking.