questionswhere can i find a good price 5x tshirt ?


If you're looking for plain, unprinted shirts at a reasonable price, check


King Size Direct has your size, check out the clearance section for the best prices, and if you sign up for e-mails they'll send discount codes all the time. Don't know if they will have anything of interest to you, but it might be worth a quick look.


You could also try Destination XL Big and Tall stores or website ( If you sign up for discounts, look in their clearance section or wait for a big sale you should find plenty in your price range. The products they sell tend to be of good quality or better and are often true to size. Use website reviews of individual items to learn which items are true to size and resist shrinkage. An aggregate scale shows what most customers who bought them, think of the individual items sold. They currently (as of Dec. 28, 2013) are having a big sale and clearance.


Check out Jiffy Shirts:
The Gildan Ultra shirts are excellent. It is awesome to find 5X shirts available in 64 colors.
The price ranges from $4.95 for white, or natural, to $6.85 for the premium colors.
My work uses these shirts for promotional purposes.

The site has all of the major brands available.

vote-for1vote-against does sell 5x t-shirts. There are plain ones and some printed ones are offered, too.