questionsare pre-deals not allowed anymore?


We would prefer to see deals that are available for purchase or action at the time of posting.


But we're totally thinking about launching pre-deals.woot now.

EDIT: That would be



@jumbowoot: It seems like there might be a way to allow this. Perhaps in a seperate section, etc. I would like to know about upcoming deals, however, I do see the need for restraint.


That's a joke, by the way. I know that the site is reserved for the next Woot property which will be a site devoted solely to Back to the Future merchandise, questions, and discussion.


@gatzby: You read my mind as I was typing, I guess. I am curious if you are joking...


Some people must be already testing That would explain the timestamps that read: "2 minutes from now"


@90mcg112: We'll retroactively fix that next tomorrow.


How about a calendar feature with links to one-day deals? You could post the link for a date in the future when you find it, and folks could go to the current day and click to find out all the one-day deals that are available. I'll bet it would get a lot of visits.


@90mcg112: The internet seems to be having trouble getting used to DST. I posted a question on Seize the Deal this morning and the post showed up as "5 hours ago" about half an hour later.


I just hope they don't fix it until after the next Mega Millions drawing. I'm going to try to send the winning numbers to myself from the future and see if I have enough time to go buy the winning ticket. So, if you all see a strange post from me with a seemingly random string of numbers, please disregard. Thanks.


@jumbowoot: don't take away @thunderthighs's WOOT CLUE game!! i like playing it


I went to and it shows the same camera deal as today. Why are you doing the same deal tomorrow? Maybe my flux capacitor is wonky.


@wnyx585am: Your TARDIS clearly needs fixing.


@gatzby: don't take away @thunderthighs's WOOT CLUE game!! i like playing it

@thunderthighs: can i start an email-writing campaign? if so, where should we all write in to?


@w00tgurl: lol I'm sure Woot's service department would appreciate that


I'm glad to see some clarification on this. It's been a little frustrating to see deals posted days in advance, then RIP'd and reposted over a series of days. Makes me cranky.


@jumbowoot: i agree, because I am likely to forget it if it is too far ahead.