questionsdid you start back to school shopping?


I finished it already. The kids were on vacation and we had the list, so we just took care of it all at once.


having worked the back-to-school department for many years at walmart i can tell you it's a corporate decission to have it out by july 4. they use the "great value" to drag you into that part of the store from the basic stuff you buy during this season (most stick with food and clothes this time of year). for a long time the 1 subject notebook was sold at a negative 450% markup just to get people into the department looking and thinking "i'll just pick up everything now" attitude.
staples has started (last couple years) doing a couple penny items a week if you spend five dollars just to get you into the store weekly. they have about 8 to 10 items on good sale with the penny items, and a lot of stuff that will get better later elsewhere that people buy "just because i'm here".

having said this and knowing the plot of the merchandisers-i only buy the great sale items and walk away on the rest. then i have a great donation to local charities (no kids for me)


I'm in college, but I've got all my textbooks for next semester already, and I play on going out to pick up some binders on sale in the next day or two.


I don't have any kids, but I sometimes take advantages of the deals. I was actually thinking of buying some supplies this year for kids who can't afford it, and putting them up on my local freecycle or craigslist advertising they are for disadvantaged families only. My problem runs into so many people can be dishonest, and take them to resell them. I'm also afraid there will be people who just figure it's free, I'll take it...even though I'm specifically looking for people that can't afford it. If I could think of a way to guarantee they'll end up in the hands of those who can't really afford them, I'll probably still do it...but right now, I'm just watching the great deals!


I haven't been "back to school" for over 30 years now, but I still feel a bit cheated when I see the BTS sales in late June. Even though I don't have the summer off, I still feel like they are rushing it, and I'd like to enjoy it a bit longer before it gets cold again.


Not yet. We'll probably wait until at least August.


I'm done shopping for supplies, but still need to get one backpack.

I usually wait till later in the summer, but I convinced myself to do it earlier this year for two reasons:
1) It will lessen the pain to spread out the purchases (supplies now, clothes later).
2) When I shop later the stores are ALWAYS out of Expo dry erase markers (black/blue/green/red pack) and stretchy fabric book covers. This time I was able to get every single item I needed at one store. Even shopping this early they were low on dry erase markers!