questionswhat are you buying on december 26th?


Light-up Christmas-time Pink Flamingoes for the front yard.
A case for my Galaxy Tab 7.0 (any suggestions?)


Mayonaise for turkey sandwiches...

... winter boots for my wife, who just let me know 2 hours ago she wants some...

... and probably a large container of antacids...

Merry Christmas everyone!


@tarasadies: I'd add asprin (or your choice of pain meds) to that list.


books. at half price books.


a car... not intended for the 26th, just worked out that way lol


I'd like some jeans. And candy canes.


Wrapping paper, ribbon, candy. Nothing else, unless we stumble on the perfect item at the perfect price.


Groceries mostly.

Other than that it depends on what gifts I get


@mtm2: Not for me. I have an awesome, drama free family for the most part. We did a great job of learning from our parents on how NOT to have Christmas. The previous generation liked to fight, gripe, etc.

We all just like to hang out and watch the kids have a good time. Stress free.


Cheap candy, ribbon, wrapping paper and a bit of tissue paper.
I also need something for my brother-in-law for his birthday (the 30th).


Kindle, I meant to buy with the Staples sale before Christmas and ran out of time and ambition.

Fire safe.

Need to make a grocery list. Several things on the list that got missed in the flurry last shopping trip.

I am set for another year or two on paper. I will eye the candy but try not to buy. Maybe impulse on a good looking sale.


Maybe a digital photo frame. Decided late (Sunday night) it would be nice to have one, went out yesterday morning and everyone around me was sold out. Hoping for an online deal somewhere tomorrow. Maybe. Or not.


I was so sure somebody was going to give me a Kindle Paperwhite that I got a case on the 30% off deal through Amazon local. So tomorrow I'll be buying one.


@lumpthar: LOL! Funny you mention Christmas Flamingo lights! I bought these for my mom just before Christmas for 1/2 off.


I'm too broke to go shopping after Christmas though. Which, maybe is a good thing. I really need to get rid of more before I get more! I already ended up with a bunch of new games for my DS. Hm...I think I'll go disappear and play those for a few weeks :)