questionsdid i imagine it?


Yeah, those game ads. It's the main reason I decided to block the ads on woot pages.

So many wasted hours, zero bags of crap.


@matt1976: I guess I'm not special enough to see that banner ad. Just as well, at midnight+ I was practically asleep on my feet. If I had played through and NOT been able to get a Bottle of Caddis I'd have really been PO.


I've got the ad for that game up 90% of the time I log on to Woot's home page. It's been like that since the night the game was used to score Bees oh See.


I learned this lesson the hard way, after playing that damn sling-a-monkey game so many times (it kept glitching out so that I would have an endless flow of monkeys--too many to end the game!). Finally I got to the Bag of Crap... only to learn that the prize wasn't an actual bag of crap. :)


They put banner ads for all the flash games and other woot sites at the top of the screen. you can play/practice playing the BoC games all you want, but they won't lead to a BoC.


That happens, just because you play the game doesn't mean you get the fabled item. The flash games sometimes appear as adds on the woot sites.