questionswhere would i go to sell star wars items?


Every once and a while some Jawas drive by my moisture farm looking for trades or deals. Tried to sell me some broken protocol droid then sold me one that ran away, can't trust them......


all right dangit - i had to, of course, look that up and i don't think that'll work!! and i have NO idea what moisture farm blahblahblah is


I'd check around your town and see if there are any collectible/ toy shops. They would probably be willing to buy it. Might even try a comic shop too, the one in my home town sold toys/ collectibles/ stuff.


Don't know where you are, but if I could I would try Gold and Silver Pawn in Vegas, baby!


Check out ebay, too.

I wouldn't sell to the shops/stores cause you won't get a very good price because they need to buy it at a low price and turn it around to sell to a collector for a profit.


I haven't tried them for selling yet, but I plan to try bluejay soon. They submit the listings to Google search, so you should get a wide audience. It is free to sell, which is a nice change from fee-bay.


"Well, they said it was worth $100, so I'm lookin for about that."

"That's retail. I still gotta make a profit off this, I can go as high as $7.62."

"Would you take $7.63?"

"If I go any higher than $7.62, I risk losing money on the thing. $7.62 is my final offer"

"Okay, fine $7.62 it is."


Yeah I would say that if you won't do ebay, try the comic/toy shop idea.


Find a local nick nack store kinda like an antique store except I don't know the proper name for them. Buy a small space in one of the displays and put them on sale. The store usually takes a small % but no more than ebay or pawn shop would.

Also depending on the saber I might be willing to take it off your hands >.> lol. I've been looking at one of those removable blade ones lol. But at 110$ I can buy it new (before coupons) soooo yeah less it's something special try random stuff store.


i believe this is the one i have and i'm thinking i could get $50 out of it

i'm going to check out bluejay - thanks for the ideas guys!!!!


@gretchena: hmmmm any idea what shipping on average would be on this?


ya know, i've wondered about that because it's pretty long and well, sort of awkward - the last thing i mailed was the census because i didn't want to go to jail, so i have no idea about shipping costs - but i can look into it - i'm not sure i can post my email here but i'm going to try - it's a junk box anyhow - - if you're really interested shoot me an email and we'll figure it out -


If it's really the Darth Vader, the price will be around $50, probably. Shipping is expensive for these things because of size.

It also depends on how old it is. The Force FX lightsabers were introduced by Master Replicas in 2002, and picked up by Hasbro in 2008 after MR dissolved. The Master Replicas models take a higher price, but not much higher unless it's a less-common model. The cap that hides the batteries will show the year and maker.