questionsdo you tend to buy stuff you don't need during…


All the time. I think woot is trying to exploit my insomnia shopping habit. Of course I hardly need any of these things, but I have found used and enjoyed stuff I would never thought about had it not been a deal.


This is where money goes...


sorta, but a little backwards; I had decided to get the popcorn popper on moofi, but since it had 4 more days when I decided, I watched for a few days to see if anything popped up that I wanted. Then the woot off started, and I wanted nothing on day 1, but on day two the bamboo knife block I had wanted was offered, and I decided that was my tipping point.

And I bought the HDMI cables a few minutes ago because since I already had the shipping...

so it is an ouroboros of shipping, really.


@s21: Me too, and then I'm tired at work the next day,,,as I was today and as I will be tomorrow!


It also makes me stay up until midnight to make sure I don't miss anything else.

s21 s21

I only checked the woot sites today and yesterday to vote on the polls. I already have enough stuff that we don't need or use. :(


Actually, I use everything I buy on woot more than anything else.... so, I guess you could say I need these things...


I DEFINITELY DO. Picked up 3 foot flushes (semi-gag gifts), Fish-board set, nascar glowsticks, and Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack all impulse buys I would not have made w/o the free shipping.


Back in the day, when it was actually woot, yes. Since it's amazoniawoot, no.


Buy lot of the kids stuff for xmas.


I'm definitely a lot quicker to jump on things once I unlock free shipping...but once I do, I feel like I need to get as much as I can :) In my defense, most of what I buy is for other people (husband, grand/God kids, etc)....not that they need any of it either!


You buy stuff you NEED during a woot-off????


Yep, and the $5 @jumbowoot gave me covers it. Thanks jumbowoot


@90mcg112: Yeah, I missed out on that too, would have made a great stocking stuffer, but it sold out too quick.


I am considering it today. So far, nothing too tempting. Though the Bacon lip gloss was close.