questionsdo you tend to buy stuff you don't need during…


I am considering it today. So far, nothing too tempting. Though the Bacon lip gloss was close.


@90mcg112: Yeah, I missed out on that too, would have made a great stocking stuffer, but it sold out too quick.


Yep, and the $5 @jumbowoot gave me covers it. Thanks jumbowoot


You buy stuff you NEED during a woot-off????


I'm definitely a lot quicker to jump on things once I unlock free shipping...but once I do, I feel like I need to get as much as I can :) In my defense, most of what I buy is for other people (husband, grand/God kids, etc)....not that they need any of it either!


Buy lot of the kids stuff for xmas.


Back in the day, when it was actually woot, yes. Since it's amazoniawoot, no.


I DEFINITELY DO. Picked up 3 foot flushes (semi-gag gifts), Fish-board set, nascar glowsticks, and Marché Noir Pasta Caberneti 4-Pack all impulse buys I would not have made w/o the free shipping.


Actually, I use everything I buy on woot more than anything else.... so, I guess you could say I need these things...


I only checked the woot sites today and yesterday to vote on the polls. I already have enough stuff that we don't need or use. :(


It also makes me stay up until midnight to make sure I don't miss anything else.

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@s21: Me too, and then I'm tired at work the next day,,,as I was today and as I will be tomorrow!


sorta, but a little backwards; I had decided to get the popcorn popper on moofi, but since it had 4 more days when I decided, I watched for a few days to see if anything popped up that I wanted. Then the woot off started, and I wanted nothing on day 1, but on day two the bamboo knife block I had wanted was offered, and I decided that was my tipping point.

And I bought the HDMI cables a few minutes ago because since I already had the shipping...

so it is an ouroboros of shipping, really.


This is where money goes...


All the time. I think woot is trying to exploit my insomnia shopping habit. Of course I hardly need any of these things, but I have found used and enjoyed stuff I would never thought about had it not been a deal.