questionsis deals.woot allowing too many vendors to post…


I have been thinking the same thing.


Well, I would imagine that it would be tough for Woot to control; but,that being said, we the wooters can vote with our dollars and/or up/down votes... if it is a good deal than why should it not be here. If it wasn't I'm sure the dealers would eventually stop posting if they were constantly getting trashed with downvotes.

In the end... isn't this website about us getting good deals? Does it matter who the deals come from?


Just a note: If you don't use at least one other good example other than the lingerie people, then you're going to get a ton of downvotes.

Personally, I think it's up to the community: if the companies don't get traffic from the deals, they won't bother to post them. The fact that they keep posting means that they must be getting SOME payback (same thing with spam mail/email/phone calls) and the fact that they're getting some payback means that somebody must like the deals.


So, is the issue to you the lingerie sellers? What if on one page you had four different vendors posting that they are selling half price pizzas? Would that be a problem?


I don't care about the amount of companies/vendors but limit the amount coming from each. If the vendor posts 10 different deals each day, how special really are their deals? My point is Quality over Quantity.


This thread may also shed some light:

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As always, friends, be the change in Deals you want to see. Want more pizza? POST IT. Need more cables? Go for it. Flash cards? Work it!


agreeing with @jsoko, quantity over quality


I don't mind it all that often but there are times when it feels like Deals.Woot is really Vendors.Woot. Especially when the deals are weak.

And I long ago stopped caring about the cheap lingerie ads.


@ki4rxm: Example. It is 4:16pm EST. The following vedors are self-posting on the Fresh listing on Deals.Woot on the first two pages

I used lingerie as an example, but my argument is that vendors are posting too many deals as a way of promoting their own products that are not always deals.


@atd15: There is no way to stop it. If Woot starts restricting the sites that can post deals, Deals.Woot will die. It's up to the community to police the deals. If you do not like the deals, downvote them.


So we're back, once again, to yet another question about lingerie posts? Don't you have some place else you can shop that doesn't have things you don't like to see? What does your friend do when he goes to a movie? Avoid all the theaters that might have pictures of women in bikinis in the lobby?


@magic cave: Look at the post that's two above yours and re-read the last sentence. Then take your blood pressure medication and relax. No one's threatening to take away your lingerie thumbnails.


If it's not a deal, tattle. Pretty easy, right?


I don't think it's that bad. Let the community take care of it. That's why we have downvotes and tattles.


@atd15: Fair enough and good examples of it.

Just letting you know about what would happen, i.e. @magic cave:


@wingnutzero: If you work at it just a little harder, you could probably manage to sound even more patronizing. I'm not generally interested in lingerie deals, but I'm sick to death of the endless complaints about the posting of lingerie deals.

As to the OP's later addition of various vendor names, I don't have a problem with most vendor deals, although there are a few vendors who post non-deals that never seem to get deleted.


If it's not a deal, comment, Wooter! Comment! And then use your voting power.


@inkycatz: Then why don't the ochelly or whatever get taken down then?


This isn't the Woot of old. The vendor creep is out of hand; the whole site has a different feel to it - less enjoyable.


@inkycatz: Careful. That statement can be taken many different ways :)

@ghengiskhan I'm pretty sure deals.woot launched in 2009. Deals.Woot hasn't really changed that much (besides the voting options and such), but the vendors have always been constant.


I agree with the general sentiment of comment, vote, repeat. Throw in the occasional tattle for flavor, mix, and you've got deals.woot.

Although it wouldn't hurt if the vendors cleaned up after themselves. That's just good manners.


i think you asked the question wrong. you wanted to limit number of deals a particular vendor posts. (not number of vendors posting deals)


If the deals are great, I'm OK with vendors posting deals all day long. But a lot of vendor deals are crap. And often when a vendor posts a good deal, reduced price, free shipping, when you click on just a couple of hours later, the price is back up, and there's no free shipping. If a vendor posts a deal, they should hold the terms for a least 24 hours, unless they specify a shorter time limit in their post.


@jamesbottomtooth: i think that should apply not just to vendors, but to all posters.

limit the number of post allowed that haven't been ripped by each poster. example: if moosezilla(me) has 50 active post she can't post another deal until she has ripped an expired deal. this would also make the site SOOOO much cleaner. (this would be a nice addition as would the auto-rip feature).


Why does it always come down to lingere deals? Are people that offended by that tiny little thumbnail? And I just don't agree that the upvotes are just for the models. Look, if one wants to look at pictures of women there are plenty of other places to go. This IS the internet, after all. A few minutes with Google image search will give you more than you could possibly look at in a a year.