questionsshould i pay the extra $90 for loaner coverage?


save your cash and skip the loaner. as you said yourself, the loaner will probably be a POS anyway.


@carl669: Well, I used POS in the sense of "point of service" or "point of sale", since in this case Fry's is both. But yes, they do have a history of providing piece-of-sh*t loaners when pressed to honor warranty terms.

And I'm definitely leaning toward saving the cash, especially as it now looks like my phone is about to go terminals-up. It is in fact a POS...


Another vote to skip it. Just that part is nearly 20% of the purchase price.

Is the Square Trade warranty with a coupon? If not, look for one.


Square Trade is a great company. Also, read that Fry's warranty - will it replace up to the FULL purchase price of the device? Or will it devalue it and pay out "what it would be worth now" if it breaks? I vote no need for a loaner. Also, I may be able to dig out a coupon code for you if you go SquareTrade.

ETA - This should work - Square Trade Coupon Code - 16L826GM032 - for 30% off today only. It will give 20% through Nov 4th. Max discount $30.


I can think of NO reason it would be worth it. A loaner? Really, when you have plenty of devices already?


Another no on the loaner. I would use Square Trade.