questionswhy will deals woot not allow deals from…


Hi there. Best place to start would be to email with your question and as much information as possible, including contact information. They will forward that to the Deals team.


Maybe they just want members to skip shady deals?? ;->


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May I have your attention please?
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We're gonna have a problem here...

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Question: Did you post any actual deals, or just post stuff you normally sell on your website, at normal prices, using deals.woot as a free ad service?


Did you get answered by woot?


We offer a daily deal that is at least 25% off our regular prices.

Emailed them.....and Woot has not responded yet. I am sure they are I will be patient! :)


It's now been well over a week since I first asked, and over 4 days since I emailed woot.

It's kind of a shame......I was willing to be a paid advertiser as well.....but this is not customer service that deems a paid advertiser. :(