questionsummm why does it take over a month to receive…


It usually doesn't. What item did you order that took that long?


You are leaving out an important detail, when did Woot hand it over to Fed Ex. Also, I see you have multiple Woot purchases, for you to post this question seems to imply that all your orders take over a month to get to you. If that is the case, I would stop buying from them.


Normally, no. We generally ask that you allow 5 business days for order processing. However, we have had a couple problem sales in the last month and are working to fix these. Sounds like you are talking about one of those sales.

If you want to PM me more information from, I'll see what I can find out about your order.

Please accept my apologies on the behalf of Woot for this situation. We're working on improvements to avoid this situation in the future.


@thunderthighs: I finally asked support about my item that didn't ship and apparently my order just got dropped. I got refunded, but... :c


Do you live in a remote area?