questionscan we go ahead and handle this?


once a user has been banned is it possible to create a new account with that name? I guess what i'm asking is are these accounts being deleted completely or banned? I know I listed saigonese or something very similar last go round.


jproz (created today)
chrisman101 (created today)
n2padres (since 2012, no other comments or votes)


Personally I don't think new accounts should even be allowed to post deals until they have had a certain amount of time, comments and/or other activity here. If their account has not been active in 90 days it should be deleted.I also think eBay deals should require a much higher feedback score (10000+) to weed out shills, and any poster who has a posting violation should be deleted after the 2nd offense. Amazon sellers should be exempt from the 1000-feedback requirement for a storefront if their deals are stocked & fulfilled by Amazon. This would eliminate having to check the individual seller's feedback score since Amazon would handle the sale/return/refund. Also, counterfeit sites should be reported to the copyright owner & proper governmental agencies for investigation.


@zippy the pinhead: 10,000+ for eBay? That is excessive. I have posted a couple of my eBay items and done nothing but follow the rules. Your suggestion would arbitrarily punish me for the actions of others.


@zippy the pinhead: I'd rather see them allowed to post deals (perhaps limited to 2 a day) and then comment only after they've been around for a period of time.

Deleting an account after 90 days inactivity doesn't work. We have military members here who may deploy up to a year and not have much of a chance to post during that time.


Thanks for the list. Going through them now....

Next time feel free to email :)


@hizzo87: I don't quite get whats up with these. Is it possible they've been hacked?



@nmchapma: Doesn't seem like it as of now.

Thanks everyone for your patience. I'm working through this and seeing what the best solution will be.


@zippy the pinhead: Have you noticed that the numbskull who used to post all his ebay deals late in the evening hasn't been around in the last week or two?


@hizzo87: wanpaku007

this one is even older. What's going on?


@magic cave: There are two of them now...miro7 (their latest screenname) has been posting their own eBay crap as well as deals (valid deals btw, I am guessing they are trying to up their rep, but I still downvote them since they are still posting the eBay stuff) and another user who keeps arguing about the posting rules, who I have flagged several times and others have also responded & downvoted. Trolls are like cockroaches, they will always be around somewhere.


@zippy the pinhead: I noticed the miro7 entry yesterday but hadn't noticed he's posting 6pm deals. Thanks for the heads-up; I'll look at those more carefully in the future.

I notice also that we have an increasing number of individual accounts posting deals only for one particular merchant, as well as obvious instances of adding two or three non-shill entries apparently to mitigate the allegation that they should be using merchant accounts. Time to ask officialdom for some clarification on this BS, I guess.


@zippy the pinhead: @magic cave: They seem to be building a network amongst themselves. I'm working to match comments and find common anomalies. I'm very interested to know where they're getting these old accounts to shill with.