questionswhy does my deal keep getting deleted? auntieā€¦


I think Deals Woot is having server issues to be rather honest.


Perhaps it is because the deal is not yet live. I have seen plenty of future deals posted in the past, though.


I thought I had seen it pop up a few times. I kept thinking it was a dupe, but couldn't find the originals. Might be the server, or maybe they asked their deal not be posted...that's happened to me once or twice.

@jumbowoot, @thefenst, @inkycatz: any thoughts?


I believe it's because it's a duplicate. It was posted last month.

I posted it early this morning as well stating quite clearly it was a reminder, linking to the original deal as well, as I read that those were allowed, it got up to around 50 upvotes at last look, and then at some point it was deleted.

I'd also like to know the reason or have some clarification regarding reminders for a daily upcoming deal.

edit: Okay, now the ORIGINAL from last month is gone too. Wha?


@okham: i know i saw it posted yesterday too but i guess it's gone now too


Let me know when free Cinnabon day arrives...


I would guess duplicates. I've seen so many of these deals posted that they probably just started deleting them as duplicates.


This official answer on a previous question is relevant:

"I clicked on that link.
"No buy button.
"No "like us on facebook and get a coupon".
"No "give me your email address and we'll send you a free sample".
"No transaction at all."


It's kind of wierd that I can add a deal but my friend can not (not the same deal), her deals keep being deleted too, it's said the server has some errors.


@cathyfang: too much posting from Accessbuy .com
try posting other stuff


Reason: Excessive consumption of carbohydrates can lead to adult onset diabetes, and Woot is looking out for your general health.

All told.


According to @jumbowoot, from what I understand, if it's in a brick-and-mortar location and you don't have to get a coupon or completely some transaction online, it's not really a deal.

Probably one of the most ridiculous deals.woot policies I've heard of...


@walkingsnake: a close second to the no-gun policy, but ridiculous indeed.


@walkingsnake: If that's true, then I agree that it's a ridiculous policy. If I'm understanding it right, woot would consider it a deal IF a printout coupon was required, but doesn't consider it a deal since it's not? So, it would be a deal in woot's eyes if it were slightly more invonvenient? I'm not understanding the reasoning behind that policy at all.


@w00tgurl: lol, OK, I will, in few days, I keep looking for some cool, interesting and special stuffs these days, and I found it's not a easy job.


@cathyfang: how much do you get paid for your job of posting for Accesbuy?