questionscan someone help this new member out for me?


His screencap pic hosting site tries to auto download software when you click to enlarge the pic. FYI.

Other than that - it looks like his shipping address doesn't have a name? That might be a problem.
Go to Your Account > Shipping and Payment > and from there, verify that all information is there, current, and completely filled out.

(If he blanked it out to protect his identity, I don't know what the problem is?)


showing up late to the party here...I have to agree with @thumperchick .
It appears like he doesn't have a proper shipping address entered into his/her order.
If you're reading this, please email into and let them know your correct shipping address. Your order went through fine, but you might need to let them know where to ship it.
I hope this info helps you.


OH and thanks @magiccave for helping out! :D


I have checked and its totally right! I also check shipping and its all right on there too... Thanks for helping though


@xexjordan: Well, I'm guessing you just need to hang tight for a few days for your order to have a status. Woot usually ships out within 3-5 days, and you will get your tracking number and order status update around this time.

Welcome to woot!


well either way, if you entered the data and you're not seeing it in your order page you should still email in and let them know. They can correct the issue and help you out.


@rogetray: My pleasure! I was impressed with his diligence in tracking down a thread with the correct subject line.

And thanks to you, as well, for lending a hand.


@magic cave: It is amazing the response people get when there is no swearing or ranting in the question or responses. Thanks for helping the new user and thanks to them for being polite as well as appreciative. They are what this community needs.


@xexjordan: welcome new face, buy lots of woot stuff!


@xexjordan Are you using Internet Explorer 7, by chance?

Your resident Tester here, trying to replicate your problem. It looks like our Stuff You Bought page looks a little (a lot) funky on IE7, but works normally on IE8/9/10, Firefox, and Chrome.

I believe your order is Awaiting Shipping. You can check yourself by looking a few lines up from "Order Status", where it says "Order Date". Up there, you should see the order number and the status (in the wrong spot - oops). Alternatively, click "View order details" on the order, since it seems like the Order Details page doesn't have this bug.

Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hi, No im using Google Chrome but I will try to use Internet Explorer and see if that works.


Okay I just tried it and it says the same thing. Nothing after Order Status:.


@xexjordan: This should be fixed now, sorry about that.


I would like to thank everyone for helping me it. I just got the confirmation and the item has been shipped!
Thanks so much everyone I guess it just need time to update.


@xexjordan: YAY! I'm so glad to hear it's all fixed! And welcome again!