questionsmy ooma will not let me log on to it anymore…


that last seems very familiar


1. Why are you trying to log in to your Ooma? I've had Ooma for a couple years and have never logged into it. Perhaps you mean logging into Ooma's website at If so, that has nothing to do with your hardware. If you cannot log into their site, it is not an indicator your hardware is about to fail.

2. What do you mean by "Your extra phone" doesn't work. Does that mean some phones work with it but some do not?

3. When you plug in your Ooma into the internet with an ethernet cable and plug in the 5V power supply, what happens? Do you see all the lights come on for a couple seconds and then go off? What color is the big flower light in the middle?

4. If all lights are on and you have a phone plugged into the back of the Ooma, do you get a dial tone?

5. There is never a need to plug a computer directly into the Ooma. It's not like a router so don't expect to access a web page inside the Ooma.