questionscan you help me find an inexpensive internet…


I should add, I did already call the place and they do have wifi in the rooms!


The CNet review of the best WiFi Radios has a good list, though none of them are exactly cheap.

If you put in some time and effort, you can build one cheaply by using scrounged parts.


As much as people groan when Woot offers a Chumby deal, I got one several years ago and use it almost exclusively as a clock/Internet radio. It's Pandora app is easy to use. The speakers aren't impressive, but you can connect it to external speakers. The Sony Dash is a similar item that Woot offers occasionally. For that matter, an inexpensive tablet would do the trick and he could hold it to work the controls. If he mainly uses one to access Pandora, it wouldn't need to have many bells or whistles. Just my $0.02.


slacker radio had their own portable player for $50 but it's now sold out. you might be able to find a refurb somewhere for cheap.

otherwise, does someone you know have an old smartphone that they could donate? then you would just need to find an inexpensive docking station.

all the other ideas i'm coming up with are too pricey...i haven't seen any refurb chumby players either.


@belyndag: A Chumby is a most excellent idea. Who says that when you retire, you lose brain power? :)

@bingo969: This is a very kind deed you are doing. I spent 3 months visiting my mom at her nursing home; even the best ones are pretty boring. I wish she had had access to wifi there. That being said, I have new, in the box Woot! Chumby, that I would be willing to donate to your cause.

If you are interested, PM me at Woot! prime with an address that I can send this to.


@barnabee: Cool, dude.

And if @barnabee's offer doesn't pan out, or you need some cash to pay for a subscription or a wifi router or whatever, I can PayPal you some money (or PM me a USnail address and I'll send you a check, though I would rather not use a check if there is some other electonic way).

Note: if you PM me, also post a comment here saying you did (will woot's PM system ever notify you when you have a PM waiting?)


@barnabee: Holy crap. I was reading through the comments thought 'Damn. A Chumby. That really might be just the thing. I'll have to start watching Woot and hope one of those comes around again.

And then I get to your comment. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I really think it'll be just the thing. I think he'll be able to use it well enough. Especially if I can spend some time with it and set it up just right.

I'll def PM you over on woot main and see if we can't work this out. I also promise to post a followup when we get the thing setup. And if he shouldn't take to it for some reason, I also promise to find it a suitably appropriate home maybe with another resident or someone else who is down on their luck and could use something like that.



@barnabee: Wow! Terribly generous! You're the best!!! (And thanks for not pointing out my typo!)

@baqui63: And you are terrific, too!

@bingo696: It's a wonderful thing you're doing. Just a heads up on the Chumby, in case you've never worked with one. I have an older model one that looks like a little white cube. I' m not sure what model Barnabee is donating, but the screen on mine is rather small. Setting up a channel is pretty easy, but depending on your friend's fine motor skills and visual acuity, you might need to keep things simple. I suggest just a clock channel and Pandora account. Skip "I Heart Radio" and the other music apps for now. You can also set it up to show digital photos if your friend would enjoy that. I haven't tweaked my Chumby in a long time, but if you need any help, let me know. I might remember some of the basics and can save you a few steps.

You folks ROCK!


@barnabee: You beat me to it. I have a never-used Chumby 1 that I can donate, if necessary.


@magic cave: I've had my Chumby sitting on a shelf near my computer for a number of months. I just haven't had the time or perhaps the energy to sit down and try to get it to work. So, I have been ignoring it-- out of sight, out of mind?

Is this your story, too? If so, perhaps you would like to join me in starting a Procrastinators Anonymous, D.W. chapter. :)


@belyndag: Thanks. I may well take you up on that. I'll let you know once I get it and start working on setting it up for him.


@magic cave: Thank you as well!! Hopefully this will work out and be all I need. Or, if nothing else, I'll get 2 of them and we can put one on each side of his bed. Get a nice stereo effect going. :)


@barnabee: Please add me to your Procrastinators Anonymous Group, if you ever get around to starting it. Although my Chumby is up and running, my very first Woot purchase was a V-touch Media Player which I found, still in the box, when I was cleaning out my office for retirement. I bought it on 8/5/09.


the samsung galaxy media players are pretty darn good, and you can sometimes find them at a decent price on ebay.

For that matter - if you (or anyone who would be chipping in) have a retired smart (or semi-smart lol) phone that'll connect to wifi and can support the pandora app (blackberry, droids, etc) - you can usually use them on wifi without having to connect them through a carrier.


@barnabee: Great idea! I'll try to get around to that in a week or two. Or three.[grin]


This is always a Classy Bunch o'Folks. Group hug!!


@goatcrapp: It's funny you say that. Doing just that was my first thought. Finding an iPod touch or something to hook up Pandora to. Just because I thought it would be easy to find something like that at an affordable price. But then I got to thinking that in a facility-setting like he is in that it would be highly prone to walking off on it's own. Just because it's small and a very popular item. I might be overthinking it but that was my concern about that.


@bingo969: See PM for package tracking info.