questionscan anyone help me, today was one of the worst…


I could not find it anywhere, and I immediately knew someone had stole it. I looked around, finding nothing, and had my friend call my phone, but it went straight to voice mail. When I came home, I immediately went on the Cerberus anti-theft website to track my phone. Since my Gps and mobile data were turned off, I could not do anything. I spent the 2 summers fixing and selling xbox 360s so I could save up enough money to buy this phone. I feel like I've been stabbed in the heart. The phone was an HTC One X. I asked some people for information, and I've gathered that it was a man, around 19 years old, possibly named Eric. I also have a clothes description. What should I do; should I wait for something to turn up? My parents are furious with me, and offered no support. In the unfortunate, but likely, case that the phone doesn't turn up, should I just use a cheap $20 phone for the next 2 years? The phone I lost cost me about $600, please offer me any help.


I hope you called your carrier 1st and the police 2nd. Put it in their hands.

I will not spend time telling you what you should have should be obvious.


A very expensive lesson to learn.

I know this sounds insensitive but if this is truly the worst day you will ever have in your life consider yourself blessed.


First call: Police
Second call: Carrier

Not much else you can do at this point. Good luck getting your phone back! Sorry to hear about the loss.

If you don't see it again, eBay may be a cheap resource to get another phone. I know several weeks ago I saw a Pantech Burst there for about $100 (just one example from AT&T, I'm sure other carriers have cheap phones as well). Just look for a phone you can root and install a custom ROM.


Like everyone else said, call the cops and your carrier.

Keep your eye on eBay and Craigslist, more likely the latter. Lots of people will take these phones and put them on there. If you have any identifying factors, like a case or ideally a serial number, it will definitely help you


If you know your serial number can you have the phone disabled? Check pawn shops in your area...people often sell stolen goods there for a fraction of their worth. But as @ocheri stated, if this is the worst day in your life you will be okay. Chances are that there will be some that are a lot worse. Good luck.


I'm very sorry, but you will have a hard time getting much sympathy here. There are a lot of cynical (or sarcastic) adults out here.

Worst day of my life: It was in high school. I found out that my best friend killed himself. He went home from basketball practice and shot himself in his room before his dad came home from work. I had just talked to him that day about rooming with him on a school trip. Then he was gone. I was a pall-bearer at his funeral. It ushered in a very dark time for me that took a very, very long time to get over.

Most money I have lost in one day: $2100. I sold my 1973 Datsun 240Z to someone for $1400. I had bought it 3 years earlier for $3500 (with all of my summer savings). I promptly bought a 1989 Volvo 240 Wagon (rustbucket, rotten wiring, P.O.S.) which died 18 months later. I gave it away. Lost $1400 that day.



Most expensive thing I've lost due to theft: My bicycle. I had bought a Trek hybrid road bike (in college) for around $850. I had it for 2-3 months. I locked it up outside my System Dynamics class. It was a 2-hour lecture, so Dr. Sadegh gave us a break midway through. I walked outside and found the lock cut in half...and no bike. The campus police were surprised that the thief had left the cut lock behind and kept it for a day for evidence. I cruised all the pawn shops in NW Atlanta to no avail.


Thanks for some of the advice guys, I'm not looking for sympathy, I'm looking for people to tell me how to deal with it. I never like to reflect on the past, but look ahead to the future. I've already started making plans on how to recover the lost money. I just need some motivation. Thanks again, and the "worst day of my life" was pretty dramatic, and I do realize I've got many, many more years where I'll be faced with similar situations.


Guys, I found the guy on craigslist, ... I know him, I asked him if he had seen anyone take my phone, and he said he saw a man. I'll update you guys later


Wait wait, why are your pants by the fence? You were playing frisbee in the buff?!


Did I stumble into the middle of a GPS iPhone app pitch?


@wootfast: Not from what I've read. He mentioned the app didn't help find the phone. He found the guy through Craigslist.


So it's an ad for Craiglists?


Sorry, I'm in the wrong frame of mood, to OP: if you are really who and what you say you are then that's so sad!
But if you are manipulating my emotions to sell me something, then I feel cheap.


@wootfast: To clarify, I was changing into shorts to be more comfortable.
This isn't a lie, I just got finished being interviewed by a police officer who came to my house and asked me the whole rundown so he could file a police report.


We should put up an ad on Craigslist.
"I have a special set of skills phone-napper, I will find you, and I will break your legs and other Liam Neisen things, I dunno I never saw the movie."
"ps. But I've heard good things"


A $600 phone? Shesh, and people say the iPhone is too expensive...


@wootfast: I didn't much like the movie. Lots of weird little details that made it hard for me to suspend disbelief.

To the OP: Sorry to hear you lost your phone. Let me just ask a question though. The police came to your house? To ask questions about a phone that wasn't even stolen from there? That seems like the sort of report that they'd either take over the phone, or tell you to come to the station for. It seems that the cops would only bother coming to a house if there was a burglary at said house. Even then, it would probably have to have been something a little more pricey than a cell phone.

Sorry if it seems like I'm being dismissive of your loss, but in the grand scheme of things, $600 isn't really enough to draw the cops' attention. They'd probably only take the police report as a formality, even. I've known people who had much more expensive things stolen and the police barely looked up from their coffee and donuts.


Yeah. My father died last month and you're whining about a damn phone? Here's my advice: grow up.


You might ask your parents what the deductible is on your their home owner's insurance. Some people carry a $250 deductible (although most have $500 or $1000). If their deductible is $250 it could be worth reporting it to their insurance. They would have to file the report.

You've learned a valuable lesson from the school of hard knocks. Do not leave valuables unattended. Ever. Lots of trustworthy looking people have sticky fingers.

If this is the worst day of your life, you are blessed.
Phones can be replaced. Lost loved ones can't be.


@purplefeather: Sorry, but you're wrong on your assessment of what will interest police and how they'll handle it. This isn't a "loss" but a "theft," and it's sufficiently high-dollar that in the OP's jurisdiction it may well qualify as grand theft, which is a felony. In my community, an officer would come out to the house to take the report and to collect any identifying data I might have available to assist in recovery.

I think you owe him an apology for your cavalier dismissal of his situation and for leaping to a series of assumptions about law enforcement SOP in his area.


@magic cave: I was simply expressing my incredulity at the situation as it was explained. Never did I say that I thought he wasn't being honest, just that from my experience, and from what I've heard from others, such a thing isn't common. When I was in high school working my first job, the entire contents of the store's safe was stolen (we later learned it was the store manager who took it.) Several thousand dollars was gone, and the police still asked everyone working that day to come to the station to fill out our reports of what we saw. They did stop by the store to look at the safe, but they certainly didn't come to our houses-locations completely unrelated to the crime-just to fill out the paperwork.

Maybe things in the OP's community are different. I hardly think that I owe an apology for expressing my skepticism. If I'm wrong then I'm wrong. It still doesn't change the fact that I personally find the situation strange.


@purplefeather: He may be from a wealthy, relatively low-crime area. I live in a wealthy area, and a policeman once came to our house to catch a chipmunk that got indoors. We didn't know the number for animal control, so we called the non-emergency police number, and instead of sending animal control, they sent a uniformed officer, who caught the offending chipmunk in a towel.