questionsdoes size matter (cell phones)?


I base my purchase mostly on price. I'm not a fan of touchscreens or those blackberry type phones with their itty bitty buttons. I like sliders, especially the ones that slide out lengthwise. I currently own the original Samsung Galaxy. I'll admit that one of the reasons I like sliders is that they are compact and thicker rather than thin but I still have good-sized buttons without ending up with a huge (closed area-wise) phone.
I have heard you can get add-ons to turn your touchscreens into sliders though, so if I can ever afford a nice phone, I may consider that. In which case I would try to get a small one. I do like being able to keep it in my pocket wherever I go.


I used to have that Motorola flip phone. It was chunky, but seemingly more reliable in getting a signal today with an iPhone on AT&T.

I agree with you about the cell phones getting bigger again. I even prefer the form factor of the iPhone 3 with its rounded edges over the more boxy iPhone 4.


I don't know if this was a stand-up routine or not, but I enjoyed it. Had a few laughs, started out decent, warmed up a little, Then I chuckled a bit at the 80's jeans and man-purse bit. Overall I'd say it could use some polishing up but pretty good start.

I have a Samsung Galaxy phone (some people might call it an Epic bleh, I call it a Samsung Galaxy phone) And I paid a load of money for it. I'm about ready to give up mobile phones all together and carry a tablet. I only use my mobile for texting and watching baseball. Sometimes I'll check the internet but usually It's nothing that can't wait still later.

To answer your question, Yes I do carry around a messenger bag sometimes, Usually if I wanna photograph something or have small pocket jeans. They're quite handy and holds a lot of things if you have a lot of things to hold.

Oh wait that wasn't the question. To me size doesn't matter, I just like watching baseball wherever I go, if I can do that I'm happy.


@cowboydann: I didn't do that intentionally. Just a comment on this fast changing world.


I am a bit of a phone junkie. I always want to have the newest device. I now have the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and I love it. Before that I had the Samsung Galaxy S 2 and to me it was a bit too big. Although the screen size on the Galaxy Nexus is about the same as the sgs2 the phone is actually a little smaller because it has no capacitive buttons on it. There is a point where phones are too big. I do prefer the larger 4" + screens over the smaller ones. Great thing is, the phones are getting more and more affordable and it seems the manufacturers are going to be making a budget, mid and high end devices in the future so everyone can have a smartphone. Only problem with that is as more and more data is being consumed, the phone companies will have a hard time distributing that much bandwidth.


Size use to be until smart phones.

Remember when cell phones were getting smaller and smaller? There was one that was the size of like a matchbook. Then the smart phone came out and no one wants to watch movies on a small screen.


i never put my phone in my pocket anymore. i always hold it in my hand wherever i go