questionswhy do manufactures want you to return theā€¦


I am guessing because retail stores trash it instead of returning it.

Or at the very least, they want to cut out the middle-man and the included costs.


I always ignore that. Always. If I notice something like that on a box before I buy it, I even ask if they'll still take it back if something's wrong with it, and they always say yes, that they will. I also agree with @curtisoxor, when he says that it may be because the store will just trash it.


If you buy online, a lot of places want you to ship it back instead of returning in-store. They will tell you it is because the online store is a separate entity from the brick and mortar stores.


The store won't trash it.
That's actually a bad idea since the shrinkage on doing that is huge, and the manufacturer wouldn't care because they already got their money for it.
What the store will do is return it to the manufacturer (they have an arrangement) where it will be either repackaged and resold or sold to the secondary channel or similar (see the refurb thread).

It is far far more economical for the manufacturer to send you a new part to complete the product, at your inconvenience.

I agree, it's a silly notion, but some people are easily persuaded by big red warning signs.

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@j5: And on top of that, they'd actually know for sure what was wrong with the product - not true of Walmart returns - and would be able to spot trends and halt shipments of new products sooner if they detected a common flaw. Or, in the case of Apple, work out a way to blame the consumer for the problem or deny that the problem exists, forcing the customers to band together and start a class action lawsuit. Oh, and the same for car manufacturers.


There are usually two situations that one comes across where this matters.

1. You get a very large item, usually one you have to assemble. Frankly, by the time I know that a part is missing or damaged, it's easier, faster, and cheaper for me to call the company and have them send something out for free. Do I have to wait a few days? Yes. Do I have to try to wrangle everything back in a box and waste gas and time making another trip? No.

2. You purchase a smaller item with something missing/wrong or the item of whatever size is broken. This is when I take stuff back to the store.


The manufacturer can advise disposition of the product or send a new part. It's cheaper for them to do that.