questionshow can woot sell a vacuum for $70 are they used


They used them to vacuum up DNA evidence at a crime scene. They price them low to move them out of their possession quickly.


It's actually a chocolate replica of the vacuum. It's not functional, but boy oh boy is it tasty!


They are.....conditioned. Yeah, that's it.


Short answer, they are probably refurbished (used) - if an item is a refurbished unit, it will say "refurb" or "refurbished" in the description. Refurbished means anything from: the item was opened - never taken out of the box, and returned, to: someone beat the crap out of it for a few months and sent it back, the manufacturer "refurbished" it to "like new" condition and is reselling it here.

I went to go check the FAQ for the question/answer that applies here and... it's gone. So, no easily accessible information is available for this user to have looked up.