questionsshould i wait to buy skyrim or just go ahead and…


You're missing out on some awesome Elder Scrolls action, but your logic is sound. I'd wait until they relase a GOTY edition.


It might be a little longer of a wait than you might think, since the DLC for PS3 only came out a month ago. But I'd still wait for the Game of the Year edition. Not only will it be the best value but they'll have the DLC all patched up and ready by then.


I've seen some rumors of another round/season of dlc. I know other popular games are thinking about it.

^If that helps at all.

I picked up the game for 15 bucks and then bought the dlc with MSP when they were on sale at newegg.


Skyrim really came out in November of 2011?! Jeez where has the time flown, I'm in the same boat as you, I want the game but I have so many other games and not sure if I want PC or 360 version.


I'm probably the only person who pre-ordered it and hasn't even had a chance to play it yet. Darn getting old...


@xarous: Yeah. If only PSN cards went on sale ever. I'd pull the same idea. I've yet to see any of the Skyrim DLC go on sale, but if it does, I'd consider buying the game and then getting the DLC cheaper.