questionshow do live tv shows have previews of what is to…


Sometimes when they say live show they just mean filmed with a live studio audience. I don't know if that's the case for the voice.


I'm wondering if they're using artfully snipped clips from previous shows as teasers for the big reveal thing?

(I haven't a clue otherwise, as I've never watched it.)


Nice catch @caffeine_dude! I pride myself on watching as much tv as possible (my job sometimes interferes with my life goal) and I love to analyze commercials and shows. Unbelieveably, this "live" preview paradox never occurred to me. I think as @magic_cave said they use clips from previous shows.

I don't watch "The Voice" either.


Maybe it's just the "magic of television". Or a flux capacitor.


Typically they combine clips from previous shows with things recorded specifically for the promos. They cut back and forth from different clips and the previews are so fast that you never really notice when the show actually comes on that those pieces are not in there. Also, many shows, especially competitive reality shows, mix live and prerecorded content in the same episode making it easier to pull together a teaser.


exactly.. i try my hardest not to watch shows like Idol, the voice, etc. but my folks do, and i've noticed on several occasions @ the beginning of the episodes, you will see "portions pre-recorded" pop up on the screen.


A) I don't know about The Voice, but many live shows are the culmination of a lot of rehearsals that they record and use as promotional material.

B) It's not really live, it's a conspiracy.

C) Wormhole.


Thanks, if (doubtful) I ever become a fan of the Live TV show, I will look for the teasers and compare them to the previous shows/next show.