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You're probably better off buying from a local flooring store; they're more likely to cut a great deal on remnants than a chain store.

That said, have you considered carpet tiles? Accidents happen; with tiles, damaged sections can be more readily replaced.

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We bought an indoor outdoor rug that held up well for 10 years.


I have seen bound carpets hand stitched at an installer's shop, not sure that happens too much anymore. It was some extra cash for retired carpet installers with really bad knees.
The installers end up with left over pieces not worth anything to the store so they keep them, think end of the roll, or a mistake made by the store's employee who measured the house.
They could have purchased a machine and it would be faster and cheaper, but when you work for someone for 30+ years they take care of you.
You could get exact sizes from a smaller shop\installer. The big box store could be selling you an oversized area rug made to look like a remnant, lower quality that will not hold up. The small shop is selling you left over carpet, carpet that was intended to survive high traffic.
I would price both and if it is any were close go with the small shop\installer.


I've bought remnants from big box stores before with no problem on deals. Remnants are remnants. Getting something for it is better than nothing.

If it looks like it's been there awhile (dust, etc.) ask to talk to a manager. Should be able to do even better on the deal.


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My wife and I purchased $40/yard carpet when we bought our house at $22/yard. We had a large piece left over after the install and had it bound on the edges to make a nice area rug in our living room. We paid about $1/foot to have it bound (so a 5x8 rug ran us about $25-30). I'd call your local flooring stores until you find one that offers it at a reasonable price.


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I have for a basement room, but don't have dogs. I got a decent berber remnant that held up great, until the room flooded.


bear in mind that depending on your existing floor, a carpet remnant will a: scratch the crap out of it, and b: not be very comfortable as there is no padding under it (unless you also buy padding in which case, nevermind)

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