questionshave you noticed how the distribution of colored…


There is another one I forgot. If you add the 30-39 and 20-29 ranges together, then subtract either the 90-100 or 80-89 range, the result is pretty close to the 1-19 range.
Maybe I'm just suffering the effects of insomnia. Any ideas?


Didn't you know that even Chaos is organized?
I keep telling my husband this every time he comments about my ongoing closet re-arranging project.


I think the reputation system is a curve-fit. i.e. The pattern is produced and enforced by the algorithm, with some room for limited flexibility. (Also, things seem to have changed slightly since the site-overhaul update, but I may be imagining that.)


@psaux: You're not imagining the change in numbers, at all. Both purple and black were approaching 400, and after the change, they went down to (from memory) 372 or 371. I am always hopeful that asking questions will be figured less, but I've given up on it. I wish downvoting would go away, but I've given up on that, too.

Shawnmiller (deliberately not invoking; they're busy enough) has explained some of the theory behind the deliberate curve of the reputation algorithm before. A little judicious searching would point it out. The important thing to remember is that those numbers are inclusive only of people with at least some activity on Deals, no matter how small. I used to be fascinated with the numbers, and still do retain an interest.


Yes... Commented on that some time ago....
The WootGods occasionally have a purging of inactive accounts which will change the distribution of triangle colors...