questionsdo people really buy the stuff from ohcheri?


I've never bought a thing that she's posted. Though, I have no use for any of it so I don't need it.


@ohcheri has confirmed in the past that she does quite well via deals.woot referrals.


I have no idea how her votes/click-through ratio compares to other merchants. I bet a lot of people vote for the pictures (and they read Playboy just for the articles, I bet).

P.S. I sincerely hope that this question does not prompt a new round of @ohcheri hating. I may not vote for her postings, but I support her right to be here. Besides, she is a model deals.woot vendor:

- she posts under her business name
- she often tattles her deals when they expire
- she pops back to answer questions, and not only on her own items
- she occasionally posts deals from other sites
- she participates in other deals.woot discussions

And never, ever, have I seen anyone here complain about a product received, shipping times, or customer service.


@heymo: Thats great to hear actually. Its nice that a community like this can help out a fellow community member you know


I vote for pretty much everything she lists, mostly because I don't necessarily base my votes on whether I would buy or use something. I vote on her deals because I find them tasteful, because people who have purchased from her say they get good value for the price, and because she's an active member of the community. OTOH, I seldom vote for other "costume" deals.


The only problem I'm aware of is when she uses the wrong tags. We try to catch and correct, but sometimes they slip past. Her stuff ends up on the front page of and the parents get upset. See the preview pane? That is part of the reason we need correct tags on deals.


@faughtey: Does this mean we are supposed to tattle on lingerie items that are not tagged as lingerie?


@faughtey: Thank you, it is nice to have a definitive answer. I wasn't sure if we should tattle on something like that but given the push for proper tagging, I had to ask. Thanks.


@faughtey: I bet she'd be more cooperative if the penalties on #lingerie and #sexy weren't so stiff.

And they should really dial it back on free stuff too.


@dtcbob I've been posting deals on here for over a year and since this is how I make a living I can assure you if people weren't buying I would find better ways to utilize my time. But I do appreciate your interest and concern. Please use discount code WOOT for 20% off your first order and remember...shipping is always free! :-)


@faughtey: What we need is someone to supple a definitive answer to this: How do the moderators determine when to apply the tag "sexy"? From what I can see it is 100% random. For example, why is this costume "sexy":

Is it her bare knees or her bare shoulder? Any parents out there who would cover their children's eyes if this photo appeared on their monitor?

I firmly believe this tag is ONLY used to prevent a deal from going Popular and has nothing to do with offending anyone.


@ohcheri: Sexy is in the description of the product.
Normally if someone links one of their deals over here on Ask the Community it will be deleted. But I see it has valuable information from @thunderthighs, plus amusing comments from you and @hobbitss.


@faughtey: So if I remove the word "sexy" from the description on my product page this (and similar deals) would not be tagged sexy by the mods? Just want to be certain that I understand.


@faughtey: WTF does that mean?? I don't make my deals go popular, the community does. Wouldn't you agree @snapster? @jumbowoot? I merely asked for clarification on the #sexy tag. How does one lie about whether a product is sexy or not?? As I have stated more than once, sexy is an OPINION, not a FACT.


@ohcheri: I believe the point @faughtey is trying to make is that you view the fact that your deals that have the "sexy" or "lingerie" tag as handicapped in the popularity ratings, you will leave off the proper tag ("lingerie" in the cases that I have seen) hoping to slip it past the moderators.


I am just finding out that certain tags are handicapped and it really puts me off. I buy fairly regularly from deals.woot, and I frequently vote for fresh deals. However, there are lots of times that I don't have the time to sift through pages and pages on the fresh tab to see a good deal. Why should any deal not make it to the fresh tab. I can understand preventing certain deals from appearing on the kids.woot site (maybe wine.woot shouldn't show there since kids can't drink). It should be a fixed number of votes regardless of tags. I'm very disappointed in woot over this in all honesty.


Lingerie isn't always "sexy." Sometimes it's just underwear! If @ohcherie 's statement that #sexy tag works as a handicap is fact, I am disappointed. I'd hate to miss out on a great deal on bras, panties, or nighties just because all lingerie deals were moderated with the added (but perhaps incorrect) opinion tag of "sexy," including ALL her clothing items. Sometimes a pair of stockings is just a pair of stockings.

As long as I frequent the Fresh pages, I'll catch the good deals; however, there still remain deals users who remain oblivious to the Fresh pages and will miss out.


@lavikinga: If you don't want to miss out on them, the search the word sexy or lingerie. At the rate this is going, they'll all be there and they'll be no need to worry.


Quote #1
"@ohcheri: Sexy is in the description of the product.
Normally if someone links one of their deals over here on Ask the Community it will be deleted. But I see it has valuable information from @thunderthighs, plus amusing comments from you and @hobbitss. "

Not True!! This deal was tagged #Sexy But there is no mention of it in the description... Also!! the tag was removed after the deal expired...
Didn't realize I was popular and a reason to take notice...

Quote #2
@ohcheri: Darlin, it wouldn't be the first time you lied to get your deal to go popular.

Just another reason some mods should not be allowed to deal with the public... Another Summer Intern??? Could be....

Smile @faughtey your fly is down and no one has bothered to tell you...


@hobbitss: We don't know who tagged each deal or if tags are removed or not, we have several moderators.
Ahh summer, what a lovely nickname! Not as good as Sparkly Unicorn, mind you.


@ohcheri my apologies for the character attack. Rather than focus on meta exchanges, I think it's best to promote thick skin in this case on both sides and ignore mild drama. The mutual respect you, me and our community share for the democratic intent of this platform allows a precarious balance for the time being. Moving forward, we'll gather some more solid community input on which to base firmer categorization demand and/or easing of the friction certain categories face in reaching popular. This will progress over a few weeks in a noticeable way such that resolving particulars here may be unnecessary.


@faughtey: "Darlin, it wouldn't be the first time you lied to get your deal to go popular."

WTF is that response doing out here in public? You're calling someone a liar here? Where everyone else can read it? Do you guys have legal counsel on hand? How about a book of rules for appropriate language? Or even a simple half-page of guidelines for what might get the company in a little bit of a liability issue?

If you think @ocherie lies to woot!, then I would personally appreciate it if you'd just block her deals and take this discussion to a more private venue.

I won't even comment on the "darlin' " part of your response; perhaps the two of you have a more intimate relationship than is apparent and you therefore feel that's an acceptable way to address her.


@mokel22: But see, when I come to deals, I'm not always looking for something in particular. It's more like window shopping. I'm not out for anything in particular and it would be nice to see the stuff in the Deals window rather than having to poke thru to the back of the store each & every time I'm here for good sales.


Even if I get kicked off this site, I have to say this. In @faughtey's defense, I understand the frustration of having to clean up after someone who continually tries to circumvent the guidelines of this site, all for the sake of popularity. The reputation rating on this site is a game and nothing more. @ohcheri have you ever googled, yahoo'd, or binged your site? The top responses all say SEXY, I think you need to get over the sexy tag.


I will act like I didn't read all the comments and answer the question directly:

I have wooted, even looked, but not bought until recently.

@ocheri: I didn't know about the 1st time buyer code when I just bought. May I apply it on another purchase? 20% is a great discount :-)


@rlapid2112: Of course! Anyone can use that code once, and shipping is always free. :-) (Discount codes not valid on items already marked down).


@squirtle456: I wrote every word on my site so I know how many times the word sexy is used which is entirely beside the point. You are talking about a KEYWORD, we are discussing TAGS. The mods say the use of tags is to help people find what they are looking for. That is simply not true in the case of the sexy tag. People do not come here to shop for "sexy" which is an adjective, not a noun. The mods use #sexy to manipulate what appears on the popular page. There is no hard and fast rule for the sexy it bare stomach? Is it skirts 6 inches above the knee? I have only requested time and time again for someone to explain the rule of what is #sexy and I'm still waiting for an honest (and professional) answer.


@ohcheri: But some people do shop by adjective and not noun. Funny, weird, and sexy are all adjectives and are all tags used on this site. Honestly, I am just trying to figure out what is the problem with the tag. Is it because of the popularity thing? I know people scream because free items have trouble going popular. Isn't it enough just to post the deal and let everyone know about it and not worry if it goes popular or not?


Weighing in only on the original question, I would point out that you shouldn't take responses here as the ultimate answer too. If folks are buying, completely satisfied, and coming back for more, they may not be as likely to join in the debate about the deal. They have their answer already.


@squirtle456: #funny and #weird are not penalized and of course popular matters. How can I "let everyone know about it" if the deal is buried? Many (if not most) people only look at the Popular tab.


Wow, 3 moderators on a lingerie thread. What a horny bunch. Maybe I am in the right place.


The only problem I'm aware of is when she uses the wrong tags. We try to catch and correct, but sometimes they slip past. Her stuff ends up on the front page of and the parents get upset. See the preview pane? That is part of the reason we need correct tags on deals.
End Quote...

Why!!! Does anything from an ADULT Site end up posted as Popular on a KIDS Site??????????????
Sounds like a design issue to me not a content issue....


@snapster: Nice to hear a voice of reason and understanding from management.
Hope you've been taking notes. Here are some of mine from just this thread.

There appears to be a lack of (common) training programs for the Mods, Procedures, practices & interaction with the public.

You have no way to track the activities of Mods, ie: Deletions, editing of posts, tagging etc..

There is a lack of consistant use and interpretation of tags by the Mods, the public must attempt to interpret Tag meanings throught trial and error while actual meanings change with the Mods or possibly their moods.

There appears to be a lack of supervision and /or control over Mods.

Posted deals from this "Adult" Site are Migrated to a "Childrens" Site either by site design or by accident, Mods seem to think unfortunate inapropriate migrations are the fault of Site participants and not Site Design and have been taking retribution on participant postings instead of finding a solution to inappropriate migrations...


@hobbitss: Ouch, even I feel the burn. Very well thought out post.


@rlapid2112: Thank you...

Thought it needed to be said for all concerned...
If what has been said in this thread is accurate some of these issues have been going on a long time and are creating more problems...


wootbot posted a sexy deal yesterday.
no tags.


@squirtle456: Yes, the OP is a tad old, as are the rest of the comments on here, but I want to point out that deals.woot! HASN'T given any "guidelines" to "circumvent for the sake of popularity".