questionswhich kinect game is best?


Ow. They deleted the duplicate just as I was typing this response (which was still in a buffer).

@theoneill555: I loved Adventure. I remember when it was new, and the buzz everywhere. The rod scares the bird. The magic word is xyzzy. I can't imagine not having a copy of Adventure on a computer. People's lives are so same-old same-old any more.

I've purchased a refurb (computer) from Woot, but it was a better deal than I've seen in quite some time.

You are standing at the end of a road before a small brick building...


@shrdlu: I always forgot to take the coins into the maze to buy the batteries from the vending machine. I was thinking about getting out my old maps and heading back into the cave this weekend.

Hurray, they deleted the duplicates!


One of my kids loves Kinectimals. I enjoyed playing with it for a bit, but it wasn't enough to keep me coming back. Then again, I haven't exactly been looking for active entertainment as of late...

Joy Ride, I think it was called, is pretty fun. I enjoyed the demo quite a bit. Worth downloading to see if you like it. I was surprised at how well the sensor tracked my hands for steering, it worked better than I would have guessed. Again, a casual game.

Not sure if any games would bring me back for more after a couple of weeks, except for the infrequent play session. Well, besides the exercise games, maybe. But that would be more from creating a routine than anything else.

Beyond that, I'm interested to see answers here. Right now, the only times the Kinect gets utilized is for Kinectimals or unintentionally messing up Netflix playback when someone says stop.


I like my Kinect, Adventures is fun and will wear you out. Be sure to turn off the random pic option unless you want to see yourself looking goofing trying to reach and jump.

I'm hoping that MS steps up with the Kinect at E3 this year. This thing has a TON of potential. After seeing the Dead Space 2 hack I bought one. Hope developers start trying to do this.


@wickedd365: We like the Adventures game. My son did not turn off the pic option and boy, is it annoying. Thanks for the heads up. Now I know to have him turn it off.


Kinect Sports is fun. (not those cheapo sports games) Everyone likes bowling! (great for groups of people) I probably do the bowling and boxing the most on there, but table tennis is fun too.

If you like to dance, Dance Central is probably the way to go. (it's not for me, but people seem to like it)


@bsmith1: I like the bowling on the Wii. Sounds like I should give it a try on the Kinect. Thanks.