questionshas anyone here used an hdmi splitter?


I just bought me a splitter from amazon. have had no problems with it. have not noticed any degradation of signal. But then again, I do not have a blu-ray player hooked up to that system, a cable-box decoder. a Roku, and a dvd player. So the highest signal I'm getting over then HDMI is 720p from the roku, and 480 from the DVD and cable.

Advantages - cheap (you can get them under $20, the one I got was $30), most are auto-sensing, meaning when you turn a device on or off the splitter will automatically switch to a "live" signal.

If you do decide to get one, there is a podcast I saw with a review of a range of splitters from low end (20-30 dollar) to high end (multiple hundreds off dollars) that I can dig up a link for.


You're looking for an HDMI switch, not an HDMI splitter. I've used a switch before (my first HD set, like yours, only had one HDMI input). It worked just fine, no issues, no degradation. They sell fairly inexpensive switches at places like target, or various online retailers like monoprice.

An HDMI splitter, you would use if you wanted to connect one HDMI source (like a cable box) into multiple HDTVs. They do make those, but it can get a little complicated (and pricey) getting it wired correctly.


Thanks for all the info and advice. I've always been a bit of an "idiot savant" when it comes to hooking up my entertainment system (72" DLP tv, surround sound, switchbox, blu-ray, 6-changer DVD player, wii, and computer with two external drives). I don't understand anything about how this stuff works or the color coding, I just stare at it and it comes to me where to plug everything in. But this last time around it confounded me-- the HDMI doesn't fit in my pea brain and the new sound system has an unfamiliar port system. I don't need for the computer to also start confusing me, no one else has ever been able to make this stuff talk to each other. The fact that I tend to be trying to integrate ten year old electronics with new ones definitely aggravates the issue.


I don't have any personal experience, but I happened to have posted a deal to one a month or two ago. The biggest complaint (both from the community and from Amazon reviews) is that they don't work all that well with non-gaming systems.

Common problems were usually sound related, often just no sound transmitting through the cable for whatever reason.

I'm sure you'd come across this in any research you do, but I wanted to bring it to your attention either way.


djp519 is correct, you want an HDMI switch. I have a three-way switch with auto-sensing and works seamlessly. Whenever I turn on a new video source, the switch changes over to that source. Best of all it was ~$20.


Yes, you want an HDMI switch. I'm using one right now, and it works pretty well (only screws up once in a while). Be smart. Buy from Monoprice.


Some notes on HDMI switches:
- they come in a number of forms - manual switching (with and without remote control) and automatic switching

- The manual switching is just that - you connect the HDMI cables to the box and then to the devices. When you want to watch one, you manually swith it to the appropriate device.

- The automatic switching has some programming that senses a signal and will switch to that device. The problem is that if you have devices that is always sending a signal like a cable box or a ROKU box, the device will want to switch to one of those and you'll have to manually switch it to the device you want.

Good news is that the switches are pretty cheap from $5 on up.


Sorry, wish I could help but I can't even spell HMID. :)


Can tell you about the others people have posted. But this one that I posted a deal for just a second ago is cheap. $8.30 with free 2 day shipping if you have prime. It auto senses the live feed and switches to that and it works. Can't speak for quality I just use it for my pc & 360 to my monitor I use. But I can say it works! ^^ Good luck in your search!


I bought this one in January, and it has worked PERFECTLY for my Roku & DVD player. If I switch on the DVD player, it automatically switches over to that. Turn it off, it goes back to my Roku. It also comes with a remote control if for some reason I want to manually swap. It was inexpensive, prime shipping and works flawlessly.


HDMI Splitter units that are powered typically have built in
amplifier so there is no video signal degradation. Check out
KVMSwitchTech as they offer a wide range of HDMI Splitter products. I
have used a couple in the past with great success.


@williwatson: Thanks I too tried for this product from KVMSwitchTech and the product was real good.
I had even recommended it too few of my friends looking for something like this and they too are satisfied with the product and the price.


I too use an HDMI switch. Mine also switches Toslink (digital optical) which is nice because my receiver is too old to support HDMI directly but is otherwise a great receiver.


Hi people, I want to buy hdmi splitter but I have no idea which one will be good enough. I'm not looking at brand names or dramatically high prices. The quality of a product matters here. Now my friend recommended me this saying is all good, but I need more opinions before I run and buy it. Care to help?


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