questionscan an old dog learn fps on a console?


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first off- lolz at the get-off-my-lawn

second- just keep at it. you get the hang of it after a while the joystick becomes a natural extension of your thumb! practice practice practice!!


switched to xbox 360 FPS games from PC around age 39, now I wouldn't have it any other way.


More importantly, where did you see the bfg on sale?

And yes, you can learn. It's just like shooting a bike.


This may be a stupid question, but have you considered a return to PC? Steam (and their current sale) make it a much more wonderful place than it used to be.


Steam is great indeed. As long as you have a computer capable of playing modern games anyway. You can definitely learn to "thumbstick" on the PS3. It's just a matter of developing fine motor control. Experiment with the sensitivity settings as well. I find that I usually have to jack up the sensitivity on the 360 but usually the PS3 titles come out of the box good to go. For me. Let me know if you want to get OWNED!!11!!1 on Crysis 2. ;)


@psaux: That would require a PC. :)

I own a PS3, a Touchpad running ICS, and an iPhone. That's it. All the other computers I use are work-owned (and at least 6 years old).


If a 50+ Grandmother can learn how to slay dragons with a cross-bow while on horseback,
(without taking an arrow to the knee!) I'm pretty sure you can master the targeting on a FPS
game. ;-) Although I had played several turn-based RPGs (FF series) and all of the Tomb Raiders
on console, I've always preferred the versatility of playing on PC.

I made the final transition when the third(?) installment of Fable was only released on console.
Now I find the use of a controller to be much easier on my hands than navigating a keyboard...just takes a little time, patience and a willingness to be dragon food (with or without ketchup) until you get the hang of things.

If I could just find a cure for my occasional vertigo while playing minecraft, I would be a happy camper!!
(I've tried every suggested adjustment with no success.) Sigh


I attempted the switch on a PS2 and decided it was not worth the effort.

You will never be as good:,10924.html

A warning about returning:
The professional team building chatter on the headset is long gone. Last I few times I logged on to an old PC game it was F'ing F F'r F and team killing idiots.


It is easy enough to learn but you will never be as good as you thought you were back in the day of Q3A and UT. Don't even think of starting on multiplayer in Call of Duty. You will get pwned massively. Stick with non twich games.

Likewise, leave the headset off unless you are playing with people you personally know. 98% of the people on Xbox Live make me sorry they ever learned to speak and sorrier that I still have the ability to hear.


Same problem here. Used to be pretty good at FPSs on PC, tried to switch over to console with the Xbox 360 and I just can't. I'm a bit less terrible than I was when I started trying, but that was probably five to six years ago. I've decided to just avoid FPSs on consoles entirely.

For me, the problem is the second thumbstick. I used to be really good at Goldeneye on N64 when there was only the one thumbstick. Two is one too many for me.

I second the suggestions already made to just give up and go back to PC. If you're like me, you'll spend time and effort trying to get better and it just won't really work. Use your console for non-FPS games.


Most FPS games will have a campaign or story mode you can play to get used to the controls. Play those first. Don't just jump into multiplier matchmaking or you will get very frustrated very quickly. (Ex: I might pwn you then kneel on your body a few times in quick succession) Once you're used to using the joysticks, you shouldn't have any trouble.

I always invert my vertical Y-axis. This means when I pull back on the joystick the gun will aim up. Similar to flight controls. This feels more natural to me for some reason. Give that a try if you haven't already.


You don't even necessarily need to learn new tricks (just don't let other people know you're KBAMing it up):