questionsdo you have a day off ritual?


Unfortunately my life is not as exciting as yours....I just hang out here on DW.


ok alex. i'll take sleep for 200.


My day off means I've worked 36 hours in 3 days, so sleep is my usual routine.


Yes, wake up, have a nice slow and enjoyable cup of mud, surf the net a little, then off to the races. If I'm really lucky, I won't have too many projects to do and can kinda drift through my day.

I talked to a guy who retired from work not long ago. I asked him what he did with all his free time. He says he is so busy, that he doesn't know how he ever managed to find time to work. I guess if you let those projects stack up on you, the time is coming for them to be done.


Sleep, with occasional bouts of cleaning, paying bills, and family time. But, mostly, sleep.


I'm off every other Friday. Usually I sleep later than normal (when you normally get up at 5am, 7:30 is sleeping in) and then end up going to the gym, running errands and getting a jump start on weekend chores. Sometimes I meet a friend for lunch. Sometimes do something that evening. Nothing really exciting. But it is nice to have three day weekends every other week.


My days off are usually not "relaxing".. Luckily I get Friday/Saturday (everything closes early on Sunday)

However the past 2 days, I did as close to nothing as humanly possible. Video Games/Pizza Delivered/Movies/Series/Vegetation/and lots of sleep.. <--- I recommend this at least once every 2 months to fully recharge.

My next weekend is already crammed pack with various events/venues/errands.. and I am FULLY ready to take it on! VIVA LA WEEKEND!


Shooting a gun. Surfing. Making love. Not always in that order.


I am on a 4/10 schedule so I have Fridays off. I start the day with a 2 mile walk with my dog. Then I give him a good brushing and we go for our pet therapy visit to a local day resource center for seriously mentally ill adults. I take him with me on a few errands and a little grocery shopping, then head home. I meet my best friend and whatever group of other friends are joining us for that day and we go to see a movie matinee. Then we all go out for a leisurely late lunch and shoot the breeze for a couple of hours. Head back home to relax for a couple of hours and then the gaming group shows up for tabletop roleplaying (Hero System). It's great because the stores, restaurants and move theater are empty, and I can use Saturday when the rest of the world is shopping for working on the house.