questionsanyone use a driveway alarm?


Mighty Mule does indeed have the best offerings as far as driveway security goes IMHO. Is it plausible to put up a gate instead with a remote-controlled opener?


You need one of those things like gas stations used to have when they were full service. You know...the cable things that when you drive over them would ding-dong a bell inside the store/garage so an attendant would know to come out and pump your gas, clean your windshield, check your oil, check your tire pressures and top off anything needed....all while you sat in your car and fiddled with the radio......

Uh-oh.....I just showed my age, didn't I?


@reginafilangee: some stations still have those. so it means you are old enough to be legally driving in your state.

no experience with the monitors, however last weekend i put up a big gate on the end of my driveway so no one would continue using my driveway to turn around and hit my car in the process (it's happened at least four times)


I have the Driveway Patrol.
It saw our neighbor so we pointed it at our house.
It sees birds, which can scare the crap out of you in the middle of the night.
One door bell sound in 5 minutes would be enough other wise you get what we get.
When we the car into the driveway DING DONG,
Open the car door DING DONG,
Start up the stairs DING DONG.
The instructions say to cover the 'eye'.
Wife instructions say to turn it off... wife was harder to ignore then the book.


Nope, my driveway is made of heavy concrete and rebar. It's be really difficult to steal without hearing the perps.


@kmeltzer: I liked @reginafilangee answer, so I found one like that. This is not on sale, and I did not compare prices, but it made me happy to know they exist.


@questionsanswered: Hey....thanks for that! I don't know if that's what @kmeltzer meant by "inexpensive"...but if it's durable, that's not a bad price for security/peace of mind.

I also have a long dirt "driveway" to the back of my land, and would like some warning before the meter reader (or whoever) drives up and the dogs start going insane barking. I've thought about wireless cameras, but wouldn't get an audio alarm to look at the monitor. Range is also a problem (more than 1000' off the road), but I could put this anywhere along the driveway like near the front third or half, because if someone's just using my driveway entrance to turn around (live on a short dead-end road and people ignore those signs), I don't want to know about it---only if they are driving back here. I might have to get one myself---I'll check around for price comparisons.

You should post this as a deal! Never know who else might say....hmmmm....I didn't even know that existed and I need it. :)


@jsimsace: No, can't do a gate. One side of my driveway doesn't provide enough space for the mechanism. And, I'm a vol. firefighter, and would have to slow my response time because of my gate :-) The Mighty Mule is seeming decent, and fairly priced. However, it seems to not detect people (at least the one I'm looking at).

@reginafilangee: That's actually a great idea. It's low profile, no false alarms. @questionsanswered, little more than I'd like to spend, but that's pretty awesome.

@caffeine_dude: Your experience is exactly why I haven't jumped on the Driveway Patrol. Seems to be an "everything" alarm. Or, good for the front entry of a store.


We have something similar to the driveway patrol, purchased at Harbor Freight for under $20. We use it for our side gate to let us know if humans (or stray cats, and sometimes squirrels) come through the gate. It isn't foolproof since it goes off for other critters, but it has sound adjustments so we can turn the volume down and the sound doesn't bother me too much (it sounds like a door chime in a mini-mart). Maybe you could get a driveway patrol, put it halfway down your driveway, and somehow fashion a shield for it so it wouldn't go off for your neighbor or anyone using your driveway to turnaround? A lot of work, but it's probably the most inexpensive option.

We also put ours about 2' above the ground, so it doesn't see birds and is a little more inconspicuous.


Try B2 gravel on your driveway. Any car driving over it will make noise that you can hear. It sounds as if you live in a rural or possibly suburban area where there isn't a ton of background noise to interfere.

As an added bonus, it will help with drainage on your drive.


I don't have any experience with one but probably should get one.

I have a friend who put one inside his fence (about 200 feet from the house) that attaches to a tree and points across his driveway (only about 10 feet inside his fence). He swears by it - not at it.


That rubber hose system - - is a pretty good deal, I've got one and the only downside has been the hose breaking down on me every so often. But it's to repair with some duct tape.