questionssome questions for those who shave with old style…


> Do you prefer to use shaving soap or shaving cream?

I prefer shaving cream myself. I don't think soap felt as good as cream but re-lathering is easier with soap.

> How many times do you go over your face? I checked out some instructional videos that suggested 2 or 3 times.

Wait, 2 or 3 times? Are you a mad man? I don't use insanely sharp blades (feather) and one pass is typically enough. If I nick myself it's because I thought a second run was a good idea.

> Do you use aftershave? If so, do you know of a good unscented one?

Find a men's shaving store near you or order some random samples. You're looking for something that doesn't contain alcohol and is a bit like lotion. Sandlewood is a good neutral smell if you can't find unscented.


I use shaving soap for a a lot of reasons.

1. It's way cheaper.
2. It's less messy.
3. It's way more manly looking.
4. I prefer products with no animal testing if I can help it and there are at least 2 soap brands I know of that aren't tested on animals.

I only go over my face once.

I do use one of those fancy 4 bladed razors but have been strongly thinking about a safty razor for a while.

I do use an alcohol based aftershave and I know you're not supposed to. I love sandlewood so maybe I'll look for some of that.


@electricemu: I prefer when my guy goes over his face a few times, gets some nicks, and then puts on the alcohol based after shave.

His screaming like a girl makes me smile.



I like the Proraso menthol stuff. It comes in a tube like toothpaste. It seems like it is expensive but a little bit goes a long way. I get more than enough lather with a pea-size amount.


1. Do you prefer to use shaving soap or shaving cream?
Soap, I like creating the lather on my face to help exfoliate and lift some of the hairs up into the lather.

2. How many times do you go over your face? I checked out some instructional videos that suggested 2 or 3 times.
I only go over once, but it will depend on how much facial hair you've accumulated before your shave. If you've got a beard you'll be doing a lot of short scraping motions and will need to do it another time to clean it up. Once I start seeing stubble I shave, so once is plenty. I've done 2 times, but my face was very raw afterward. I definitely don't recommend going over twice with a new blade unless you're being very careful. Seems to just shave the 1st layer of skin off.

3.Do you use aftershave? If so, do you know of a good unscented one?
Occasionally I'll use a very very light application of Aquaphor on my face is stinging, but Aquaphor is very noticeably oily (kind of like Vasaline), but man is it soothing!


It depends on the soap and the cream, I like trying different ones. I've found most cheap soaps and creams are just!

I tend to go for the quality, and those soaps and creams that I spend more on, for the most part seem to also last longer. I sometimes add a small amount of cream onto my shaving soap. This helps a soap that I like that may be too dry, but after adding in a little cream makes the lather a little better.

I like English shaving soaps and Italian creams...YMMV

As for shaving, I use a vintage straight razor and a DE razor, and make about three passes when I shave.

As for after shave, I have tried many different ones of these also. I tend to try to stay away from the alcohol based, but Proraso makes one that I really like, and use from time to time when I find it on sell. If your face is sensative you can try witch hazel, until you find an after shave that works for you

I have also made my own after shave, as well as pre-shave oils.


Remember this...with a DE you are reducing the amount of stubble with each pass of the blade. You are not trying to get baby smooth on the first pass, that is where you will irritate your face and get cuts from too much pressure on the blade.

Also, when I mention creams, I'm not talking about the crap that comes out of a can!


I use a Gillette Fusion with shaving cream. I make one pass, use aftershave and I smell pretty.


@107bear: Yeah, I wasn't thinking of the canned stuff either, I figured the brush on kind was probably far better. So far I have used the razor once with saving soap and I liked it pretty well but I did want to find out what other people had experienced so I could decide whether to stick with the soap or get cream next time. I appreciate the advice from everyone!



Do you prefer to use shaving soap or shaving cream?
Shaving soap for sure. It lasts longer and makes a better lather in my opinion. Proraso makes a great one.

How many times do you go over your face?
You want to do two times at least. Once with the grain (down), and once against the grain (up). You can do a third pass across the grain (sideways) if there is a lot of hair left. If you are in a hurry, you might be able to get away with one pass (against the grain), but I wouldn't recommend it.

Do you use aftershave? If so, do you know of a good unscented one?
I recommend a nice aftershave balm or lotion. Nivea for Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm is a good one, as is Lubriderm Men's 3-in-1 Lotion (one of the uses is as an aftershave cream) if you prefer unscented. A lot of people swear by witch hazel as an aftershave. Thayers makes a great unscented one (Thayers Alcohol Free Cucumber Witch Hazel Toner).


Are there any pros and cons of the safety razor versus a straight razor? I'm done with disposable blades that cost $20 bucks per refill where you try to stretch a week's shave into a single blade to save money.


I use shaving cream, just not from an aerosol can.

Much like soap it really just takes a pinch to do your whole face.

If you're using a DE or Straight razor I would suggest going over your face twice max. The point here is to not chew up your skin like the multi-blade disposables do.

Basically for special occasions I shave once normally, then shave once cross-wise.

Otherwise I just shave a single time.


@ryanwb: There is a small learning curve with a DE, there is a large learning curve with a straight razor.

I started off with a straight razor, I do not recommend this. I would start with the DE, see if you like that, and then progress towards the straight razor.

It will take your face some time to adjust to the DE, or the SR. Don't let this discourage you, it will take time, it will take time...I repeat this because it's worth repeating. This is one of the main reasons people stop trying to shave with the DEs and SRs, they just don't give their face time to adjust.

That or they slice their neck can cross that bridge when you get to it!

As for other pros and cons, you can obviously shave a little faster with a DE. I'm pretty good with a SR, but the times that I will cut myself is when I'm rushing trying to get done quickly. I will save the SR for the weekends sometimes, when I can slow down and enjoy it.


I use a shaving cream. Not the kind that comes in an spray can, but the kind that comes in a tube or a tub. My two regulars are Prorasso and Vulfix, with Vulfix being my favorite. I prefer a little thicker lather and I haven't really found a soap that can compete with the lather I get from a dab of Vulfix.

How many passes depends on how smooth I want to be. Everyone's experience will be a little different. You just need to experiment. Shave with one pass. Feel your face. If you are happy with it, stop. If you want it closer, go for another pass.

I rarely use aftershave, but when I do its always some type of Bay Rum.


Do you prefer to use shaving soap or shaving cream?
Shaving soap, but I use some italian soft soaps as well.. sort of like cream in soap form.

How many times do you go over your face?
I tend to go 3-4 times. With the grain, cross the grain x 2 in opposite directions, and against the grain. I don't shave when I am in a hurry, I take my time and enjoy the only point in my day when someoen doesn't require my presence (at least not someone in front of me).

Do you use aftershave? If so, do you know of a good unscented one?
I use two, Mama Bear's Aftershave Milk (Aged Spice) and Captains Choice Bay Rum, using either depending on how I feel. I am not a huge AS kind of guy.

And I use several DE's and a couple straights. I tend to be a bit gun shy with straights every time I see this nice scar on my cheek, totally my fault though. I haven't cut myself badly except the once, and my blade was so sharp that it didn't hurt so much as.. disfigure, lol. I would recommend DE's.