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"Are we just hosed on this until it comes back around on some random day if ever?"

yes. well...maybe. i'd contact their support team, explain your situation and see if they can help you out. you can contact them here:


Sorry to hear about your problem. Yes, you have lost out on this purchase as a Christmas gift. It would have made a great Christmas present. However, Woot seems to offer Lenovo fairly often at pretty good prices, so if you aren't too ticked off, keep watching and maybe this will show up again. Merry Christmas to you and yours.


@carl669: Yeah, she's got an email out to them via their contact form. We suspect they oversold this item and concocted the "card address" thing as a way to weasel out of the situation. It's been the same address on the same card for upwards of 10 years.


@ccom: I doubt woot is lying to you about the reason. If they sold out, they would have told you so.

Although your address has been the same for upwards of 10 years, you haven't made that many purchases from woot during that period. So have you checked which address you have on file with Woot to determine how this really happened?

By the way, I've been in the financial industry for 21 years, 13 of which were in the credit card industry. Woot can get an authorization on your card immediately but to help protect themselves from fraud, they can later verify the address you gave them is the same as the billing address on file with the credit card company. I used to receive those calls all the time. I wonder if it's more automated now. Anyway, this is way after the sale has already been made and if there is a problem with the address, they should not send the product. Woot/Amazon is a MOTO company and must protect themselves more than a brick and mortar store.


@cengland0: Yeah, it was just us trying to come up with a reason for this mess. Guess I can keep chugging along with my old Samsung netbook for a while and she'll have to find something else for an xmas gift.

Sucks though, that was literally the only thing I wanted. #FirstWorldProblems


Actually I called my bank and they said Woot cancelled the transaction on their end and would credit my account. From the bank's perspective, everything was fine. I verified the address Woot has, it's correct. What's worse, I purchased this on the 18th and even received an email stating it would be delivered today. So when i went to check the tracking number and didn't see it anywhere on my purchase history I emailed them and came to find out about this "problem". Very unhappy with the situation, lack of communication and unapologetic response.


@mmdaigle2013: Who are you? I thought this was a problem that @ccom was having.

Regarding calling your bank and them telling you that Woot canceled a transaction on their end, that's very unusual and I think you may have misunderstood your bank. Woot will get a preliminary authorization on a credit card. They do not cancel authorizations. Although it is possible, it is highly irregular and only done when the customer will be impacted which is usually not the case.

So then, once the transaction is completed, Woot will then submit the charges through to their merchant bank. Those charges are then aligned with the authorizations. If there is a match, the authorization gets removed and the charge gets posted. At this point, the charge cannot be canceled.

If Woot later decides they cannot fulfill the order, they must offer a credit to your card. This, in effect, is basically negating the charge so the sum of both transactions together is zero.


It's being refunded to my account as we speak and will be there at midnight tonight. That coupled with the fact that I was never notified = poor customer service which has no excuse.


@carl669: This is the right answer. We don't have specifics regarding every single order, product, or combination thereof. They do.

*Please allow 1-2 business days (M-F) for a reply.


@cengland0- I"m ccom's wife, the one who thought she was buying a present for her husband and instead got screwed when Woot ran out of their item. In any case, no point to this any longer and not to my suprise that no one from Woot got back to any of my emails either.


FWIW, if we run out of an item, we'll tell you flat out that we ran out.

Part of payment verification is verifying all information including the address. It sounds like something got kicked back during the verification and the order was canceled as a precaution.

I'm sorry for the inconvenience. CS should respond back with more information soon.


@cengland0: Just another voice to support your comments about address verification and purchase-verification procedures. I receive these calls regularly from merchants, especially during holiday seasons. A lot of people have different mailing and physical addresses, which further complicates their purchase attempts.


@mmdaigle2013: Given your propensity for accusing Woot of lying and of misrepresenting how credit card purchases work, it sounds to me as if you should fine another place to do your shopping.


I couldn't agree with you more. Especially since I never even got a reply from customer service. Thank you for the advice, I'm certain based on the many other negative comments I've read, I'm not the only victim who is taking their shopping elsewhere.


@magic cave: Propensity? What kind of passive-aggressive nonsense is this?

One accusation doesn't constitute a propensity. The bank didn't kick back the order, Woot removed it. Everything she said was accurate.

Holy crap there are a lot of Woot sockpuppets in this thread? Is that how Woot handles customer service? Ignore direct inquiries, badmouth posts on forums.


@magic cave: The bank didn't kick the purchase back, Woot rescended it.

It's not a card issue. Even the bank said that excuse was BS.


@ccom: Propensity is exactly what I meant to say; there's nothing passive-aggressive about it. You huffed and puffed that Woot lied to you and then walked back from that statement. Your wife considers herself to be a "victim" of terrible customer service. And now you're accusing Woot of using socks to "badmouth posts on forums."

There's no reason at all to continue shopping with a company you do not trust.You'll be much happier spending your money elsewhere.