questionshow could donating blood save 3 lives?


white blood cells, red blood cells, and plasma can all be seperated out to help different people with different needs.

no, they can't use that blood until it has been processed (checked for official blood type, etc)


Maybe they're like the local oil change place. They take the oil from a car in bay 1 & put it in the car in bay 2, etc.


There's a couple ways that your donation can help three different people.

With apheresis (platelet donations), your donation is divided into different products while you're donating. On Friday, I donated three products - one unit of platelets, one unit of plasma, and one unit of red cells. I've had a few times where I've done 2 platelets along with plasma and red cells.

They can do the same centrifuging of whole blood donations, allowing three products (at lower volume, of course) which is how they come up with three lives saved.

You can donate platelets every two weeks (up to 24 times a year).

I've been donating every other week whenever possible for a while now and will hit lifetime donation number 200 sometime in April.


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I guess the key word is "help" because theres no way it could save someone's life by itself. It makes me wonder,at some point in the process after it leaves your arm and before it goes into someone else, if all the same blood type ever gets put together. There's just something about massive quantities of blood that aren't individually wrapped that really grosses me out.


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I'm pretty sure that the blood is never mixed, so that if at ANY stage in the process they discover a problem with blood from DonorA they can easily trace it back to DonorA.

@rhmurphy: 200, That's awesome!

I donate whole blood about every 8 weeks. I just passed 50 quarts with my last donation a couple of weeks ago.


I'd donate more often if they didn't do the finger prick. I can handle the needle in my arm, but I cant do that stupid prick.