questionswhere should i "donate" old electronics?


Goodwill, or Salvation Army
Somewhere there's some poor broke person who'll pay them maybe $50 to have a working system and get their kid on the Internet.
I had an old 15" 50# monitor that I was trying to throw out while keeping the neighbor hoodlums from tossing around the street. I ended up almost putting it in the dumpster and I put it in some women's trunk.
You could aways assemble a working system, and offload it on CList.


I will second the Goodwill / Salvation Army donation. Not only will it be gone from your collection but you will get a tax break - it's a win/win situation.


before you take them over, make sure the place takes electronics. i've run into a couple places that won't take electronics.


@gidgaf: I know, but I would rather give the stuff away rather then knowing someone is selling it. However, I don't want to put my info an Craig's List because I am in Ohio, and some really bad stuff has happened on CL in my area.


in illinois it is illegal to throw electronics of any type in the trash. there are several recycling centers that accept donations then repair stuff and sell/donate it to worthy people in need.

googled electronics recycling ohio and found:


You could also try a local Boy's and Girl's Club. They may need computers. Or, your local recycling entity (government, private) may have an electronics recycling event periodically. There is usually a small fee for CRT's and/or tube televisions; everything else will probably be free.


In fact, places like the Salvation Army really don't want your old electronics unless they are truly usable. An old 386 or Pentium system is useless, and they'll have to pay money to get rid of it. Make sure to ask if they want the items before just dropping them off.


Thrift stores, recycling centers, or an e-cylcling center. Find one here: