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The smell is the carpet offgassing its VOC. Formaldehyde, BHT, etc. In other words, all the nasty chemicals you DON'T want to breathe.

Open the windows and run fans to blow outside. Place some houseplants in the area too. Do NOT run any ionic or ozone generating air cleaner. They'll make matters worse.

As for the tack strips poking your feet - perhaps they used the wrong type for the carpet installed. If it's too thick or has tacks that are too long for the type of carpet installed, they'll poke.


If the tack strips for the carpet are poking you, call the installation company to come fix it. That won't get better by itself, and your attempting to hammer them down is likely to affect the appearance of the carpeting.


@narfcake: I would add an air filtration device with a HEPA filter and possibly UV light for cleaning the air. Avoiding ions is the right thing unless you have a way to limit where they are because ions will combine with chemicals and create smog like conditions.


I agree with adding hepa filter minus ions and ozone. There are some made specifically to filter out VOCs. Of course they are more expensive : ) Isn't that always the way. You might be able to rent one. But then whatever is inside that machine may blow into your home. That always bothers me.
The Allergy Buyers Club is a great place to research machines.
I know that the Health Mate jr Plus
is a good machine.
It may help with any residual mold/mold spore issues.
The smell will go away. Summer weather, open windows, fans and a purifer. Even if you get a lesser one(no ion) is better than none.


Thanks for the advice, everyone. I'll call the installer to fix the tack strips right away. We supposedly bought a "premium" nylon carpet if that means anything.

We left the windows open and put fans in places to draw air out of the house. I guess the real test is coming back home on Monday to see if the smell is gone or if we just got used to it.


@curtisuxor: Usually, on older homes, baseboard molding(and often quarter-round) will cover the tack strips when reinstalled, assuming the aforementioned molding was removed as recommended.
As others has reassured you, the smell(it's dye, folks) will dissipate in just a couple of days.
Fun fact: As much stuff as we import from China, the center of the carpet world is STILL Dalton, Georgia.


@havocsback: The place that had the baseboards removed were the (now) laminate hallway area and about half of the carpet bedroom.

We had quarter rounds put in for the laminate because of price; it's like $400 cheaper than real baseboard molding. What we did for the carpet bedroom was take some of the old baseboard (removed at our request, not for mold abatement) and installed it for the parts of the bedroom that did not have it. They don't prevent me from stepping on the tack strips along the walls if I try. We have just the board, not the "shoe" quarter round thing that is usually attached to it.

When we put the furniture back in, I took it upon myself to design it so that most areas along the wall would either be covered or have something like a power strip preventing people from having to walk too close. We mainly need the entrance and stair tack strips changed. I think I will "convince" the carpet installer to move the furniture for us since they committed the install error.


Not sure about all the bad unhealthy stuffs. I've used a product called Killz on 3 of the rooms in my house. We had issues with cats that like to pee in the corners of rooms if we are gone for over a day. So in our case, we couldn't just air it out. We used Killz, covered the entire floor and it blocked all the bad smells.


make sure the carpets match the drapes