questionswhat health gadgets do you own or want?


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I own a scales one that calculates BMI and body fat I also have wii fit and P90x

I consider myself healthy and reasonably fit.


@oheifearnain: Only "health gadgets" I have is a treadmill of woe and 3 pairs of ASICs. And my music. Have to have my tunes when I run.


Let me see. Just a short list, here. Two regular shovels, a trenching shovel, a flat shovel, a post hole digger, a walk behind mower, a push mower (the old fashioned kind, yes), a weed whacker (for edging) a manual edger (yes, they make such things), two stirrup hoes, a pickaxe, three (different sizes) sledge hammers, any number of loppers and trimmers and hand tools, the list is endless.

I also have a world where nothing is nearby (which means either walking or driving and then walking). Ah, that reminds me, time to see if the mail's in.

It's an unseasonably warm day, and a pity to be inside. Back later.


Oh, I also have the Wii Fit (which I played for a month or two) and Active on the Wii (EA thing) which I literally haven't played once. I was intimidated by the elastic bands.


I want a new treadmill, my old one finally died after 10 years. I have been looking at sole, with a 22x60 belt, but their prices online are just as good as the ones in the store (or better) and they provide free shipping (sole fitness). I was hoping to get it around 1000, not 1499. The best deal I found was 1399. Don't want to drop 1500 on a treadmill.

I bought a 2009 elliptical on clearance dirt cheap from the store manager before christmas, but there is no substitute for running. Before anyone says about going outside to run, I live in the northeast. It is about 20 degrees outside with snow and slush on the roads. Our roads (in my area) aren't fit for running on in the summer, let alone the winter. I just wish treamills were cheaper. I might find one on craigslist as soon as somone realizes they aren't going to use the treadmill they bought for their new years resolution.


wii fit seems silly to me, is it any good? I read some articles that listed its positives and negatives. I just figured if I was going to run or lift weights or jump rope I didn't need a wii fit for that.

I have heard people praising the p90x videos, but I also see alot more of them for sale on craigslist. It just looks like cross training to me with some bad boxing and muy thai stuff..

any feedback? I try to stay in some form of physical condition, I'm just realistic and not 25 anymore.


Stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, 2 tuning forks, Babinski hammer, oto-opthalmoscope, tape measure, eye chart, penlight, small bottle of tropicamide.




The Wii Fit is great for tracking, even if you don't want to do their exercises, you can enter in how much time you spent doing other things. Tracks weight, bmi, etc. It's really nice if you actually commit to it (which I fail at quite a bit).


We have Wii Fit, a folding exercise bike, a mini trampoline, a kettlebell, Dance Dance Revolution, and just lately got a hold of Zumba for the Wii. None of these are the magic answer, but they provide variety.


Before 1/19/09 I weighed 346 lbs. In 15 months I lost 170 pounds! The health gadget that helped the most was my MP3 player for $20. I couldn't do the cardio without it. It died one time during a workout and I thought that I would die next. Best 'health' gadget I ever had.


@woodar: Uh, wow! Congratulations, that's amazing.


@woodar: Good job! Excellent.

Along those same lines: My dogs, because I take them for walks, sometimes every day, usually for at least an hour.


@woodar: I'm pretty well speechless over your weight loss -- congratulations!


Insanity, P90X, barbells 5-50, yoga mat, pushup stands, various shoes, gym membership. Would love P90X MC2 and Insanity 2 to come out :) Would also like an adjustable bench, a good scale... and time to work out as hard and long (eek) as I'd like every day :(

@woodar - awesome! Defintly agree - I can't do more than 5 minutes of cardio without some sort of stimulation/distraction. My story isn't nearly as dramatic, I'm 6'4", was about 295 at my heaviest, now at a fit 223. Considering a drop to around 200-205 for an event I'm doing in June - :)


@ecriscit: P90X, in my opinion, is phenomenal. Each of the workouts keeps your heart rate up, and the resistance training is super scalable. It is interesting enough, I wish it was a bit faster paced - never noticed that it was slow-ish until I started Insanity, however. Could easily be worked into a maintenance plan.


My keyboard, I loose 8 pounds per day of a woot off F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5,F5.... you get the idea


@woodar: Ya I lost 95 years ago and Young MC's beats were awesome to run to, on tape but same idea.

I gained it all back since then, but it took a while. Marriage, age, desk job, and kids.


@caffeine_dude: "I lost 95 years ago"

You're older than dirt!


@caffeine_dude: Marriage & kids, that's what I blame my hair loss on!


@dcalotta: Where are you running Toughermudder? I'm running the NE one in May :P


@superninja: The secrete to being young is to not think about your age and drink filtered water. I honesty need to think on it when someone ask me my age. I usually get the question when I mention my oldest's age. When I finally answer the response is always the same. "Really!?! I never would have guessed you were that old!" My reply to that is "ya, I do not like to think about it."


@caffeine_dude: The secret to being young is not to hang out with too many old people. It also helps to have had the right parents (genetically speaking), and to have had adequate nutrition and good human interaction before the age of three.

I mean that about hanging out with old people, by the way. One of the problems with retirement communities is the dramatic intellectual changes caused by not having challenges to how and what you think, and in being isolated from the day to day events in the real world. One of the few things I miss about working was dealing with an influx of kids straight out of college (I often got handed a group of them to deal with in my spare time).

Discouraging the reinvention of the wheel, while encouraging the questioning of the hows and whys of $big $corporation methods of doing things was an constant and interesting challenge.


@mmaurice01: Denver, June 26th. Wanted to do Allentown, PA, but I'm a tax accountant and the Allentown event is on like April 10th :(


I just made my self an adult sized hula hoop and I'm having a great time with it and whittling my waist down!
It really is fun and easy to do...need some extra room indoors if you plan on watching tv while you hoop like I do.
I recommend to other former couch potatoes who are looking to add some fun and exercise to their day.