questionswhat is a good 2 tb hdd that's ideal for gaming…


The Caviar Black drives from Western Digital are pretty fast, but they're also expensive. Green drives (any brand) will be much slower than most other drives, so be sure to avoid those.

Samsung Spinpoint drives used to be the best for reliability, but since the flood, they seem to be making those with the same damn platters as everyone else and fail rates have skyrocketted. If you can, however, find a pre-flood drive, then the Spinpoints are the best out there.

You may want to consider getting 2 1TB drives and putting them in a RAID. There is higher failure rate because if one fails, they both fail, BUT you'll your transfer and load times into half. I've been running 2 1TB Caviar Blacks for 3 years with no problems thus far (knock on wood). It might also be cheaper.


I second the Caviar Black.

The 5 year warranty is a deal maker !

Since the floods in Thailand these are the only ones which came out ahead.

Yes, they cost a bit more up front but the longevity gives peace of mind.


If you are going for a single large drive (which I'd not recommend) the Caviar Black is the way to go.

The better option (if you can swing it) is a large relatively slow drive for your pr0n, I mean data, and a small fast drive (possibly an SSD) for you OS and programs. That is what I have on my desktop system (if I ever see it again). A Seagate Barracuda for the OS, and a couple of Caviar Greens for everything else.